Thermal Perch for Birds - Review

Thermal Perch for Birds - Review
Visualize standing on your feet 24/7, literally. A bird can get pressure sores, arthritis or a number of other food problems if proper and clean perches aren't used. I don't think a cement or rough perch is an answer to problem feet. It certainly doesn't help with keeping toenails trimmed because once the nails get long enough for a perch to do any good the nails are already too long. However, for air conditioned houses or cool nights the K&H Thermo Perch can be a foot saver.

Also remember most parrots originally come from the tropics or subtropics and their body temperature ranges from 103-105 degrees Fahrenheit. They need warmth! They cannot tolerate drafts.

I first bought these perches from Amazon back in 2009. I was quite satisfied with the perches until I tried one with a macaw. If she was inside the cage with the door to the cage shut she was fine with the perch. If she was up on the playpen she would slide down the outside of the cage to check out the electrical end of things. I removed the perch while she was outside the cage. The rest of the birds loved the warm perch. There is a wire protector protecting the outside of the wire, but a large bird will figure out how to destroy the protector. I wouldn't allow the birds outside the cage while the thermo perches were on the cage.

At least a few perches of different textures and diameters should be available for the bird to use at all times for optimum food health.

For small and medium birds I recommend the use of the perches and think they can really benefit the bird and the bird's feet. For larger birds I would recommend removing the perch before the cage is opened for playtime. The perches are easy to remove and reattach, just take it down and put it back when the parrot returns to the cage.

The perches came in small (diameter 1/2" to 1" length 10-1/2", medium (diameter 5/8" to 1-1/4" length 13" , and large (1-1/4" to 2" length 14-1/2") The perches maintain a temperature of 102 degrees F. They are made out of a non-toxic plastic. They do have an irregular shape to keep the bird from getting sores on their feet or not have feet cramp. Excellent product as long as you are safe. The voltage used is extremely low.

Please remember to use a variety of perches of different diameters and textures. Keep the perches clean. Do not allow birds to stand on wet perches (wooden or any substance that can hold water.)

Birds are a little leery of new things be tolerant they will use it soon!

When you get to Amazon you will see the other sizes. You will be given a choice.

Thermo-Perch Medium 13 inch x 1.25 inch x 1.25 inch

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