College Admission Interview Do's and Don'ts

College Admission Interview Do's and Don'ts
While college admissions interviews are not offered by every college and are almost never required, they can be very beneficial for students. Students who interview with a college are able to learn more about the college and the admissions department can get to know aspects of the student that not conveyed through other admissions materials.

An interview can prove to be advantageous for students when their application is being evaluated. However, for an interview to be an advantage, students must make a good impression. Below are college admission interview do’s and don’ts to help students be regarded positively:


Research the college
Before your interview, review the college’s website and read news articles about the college. You want to be able to show the interviewer that you are really interested in the college.

Dress appropriately
Select nice clothing that is not wrinkled. Students should not wear tight clothes, overly baggy clothes, ripped clothes, short shorts, short skirts, or low-cut shirts.

Arrive early
Plan to arrive about 10 minutes early.

Turn off cell phone
Be sure that your cell phone and all other electronic devices are off and put them away. You do not want to have your phone ring (or vibrate) during an interview. If you have forgotten to turn it off and it rings, apologize and turn it off immediately; do not answer it. Never text or play games on your phone during an interview.

Be polite
Sit up and look the interviewer in the eye. Address the interviewer appropriately (Mr., Ms., or Dr.). Say thank you when appropriate.

Speak Professionally
Speak clearly and correctly so the interviewer can understand you and to prove you are able to communicate in a mature manner.

Show enthusiasm
Show the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about the school and your education in general.

Close appropriately
When the interview ends, thank the interviewer, give a strong handshake, and ask the interviewer for a business card.

Send a thank you note after the interview
Use the information from his or her business card to send the interviewer a thank you message. Thank the interviewer for his or her time. Try to remind the interviewer of something specific from the interview so you will be remembered.


Don’t lie
Don’t exaggerate or say anything during the interview that is not true.

Don’t wear heavy cologne or perfume
If you wear a fragrance, apply it lightly. Heavy scents are distracting and unpleasant for many people. In addition, some people are allergic to fragrances.

Don’t chew gum
Don’t chew gum, suck on cough drops, eat, or have anything in your mouth during an interview.

Don’t use inappropriate language
Never use curse words. Also, don’t use slang or other nonstandard words such as "irregardless" or "flustrated."

Don’t forget to ask questions
Prepare 2-3 questions about the college to ask at the end of the interview. Asking appropriate questions demonstrates to the interviewer that you are truly interested in the college and want to make an informed decision.

Participating in a college admissions interview can be an admissions advantageous for students. It can help students gather more information to help them select a college and it can bolster their admissions packet. However, students have to make sure they present themselves positively for the interview to provide be greatest positive impact.

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