Spirit of Forgiveness

Spirit of Forgiveness
Guard your soul, oh precious one, especially if you have been hurt before, especially if you have a warrior’s heart. The harder our shell, the easier we shatter. Deep within the abyss of pain lie the roots of what was planted long ago. Seeds were scattered, maybe when we were little, maybe even long before this lifetime. Nonetheless, the energy of hate is strong and will catch you unaware. It seeks an open door to your mind and even the slightest breach will do. Energy attracts like unto itself.

Take my hand, oh precious one. I need you. I am no different than you and together we can walk the path of life. When we feel alone and when we are weary, we are at risk. The energy of hate is contagious and hits us like a superbug. And when we are tired it is able to attack us like a virus. But as we move closer, together, towards the Light of the Great Spirit we are shown the work that needs to be done. It is the work of healing that can reach the roots deep inside of us. It is these roots that easily connect to the energy of hate.

There is good news, oh precious one. We need not examine the past to heal the future. We need only to acknowledge the pain in the present in order to begin the work. Although it may be helpful to know the point at which damage was done, it does no good to spend time analyzing the cause. For too much focus there will only keep us there. Instead, as we shine the Light of healing power into those deep crevices of our minds, we release the feelings of pain, unworthiness, anger, hatred, and all of the emotions that fear keeps alive within us. The spirit of forgiveness is strong.

Until we do the work, oh precious one, the energy of hate is able to find a connection or a link within us. And in these tumultuous times there are plenty of opportunities. In America and around the world, we are faced with turmoil and we are feeling the need to make choices yet we know not where to turn. The work at hand is to stand our ground in the present moment. Call upon the power of the Great Spirit to fill our beings with Light, to fill in those dark places and to make us complete. We are not alone.

The following Native American Proverb, called The Two Wolves, speaks to us from a point of power.

A Native American boy was talking to his grandfather.

“What do you think about the world situation” he asked?

The grandfather replied, “I feel like wolves are fighting in my heart.
One is full of anger and hatred; the other is full of love, forgiveness, and peace.”

“Which one will win?” asked the boy

To which the grandfather replied, “The one I feed.”

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