Place Value Practice With Dice

Place Value Practice With Dice
Three dice and determination make this Math place value practice fun and educational!

Materials Needed

3 Dice, 6 sided
optional manipulatives, bingo chips are a good and inexpensive option


Roll 3 dice to determine three different digits. Write them down in the order that they appear.
example: 127 after rolling a one, two and seven. If you only have one die roll it three separate times for three different numbers.


Complete the following activities using the three numbers from the dice as determined in the objective. Your homeschooler can write these problems and answers on a piece of paper,in a Math Journal, or notebook.

1.What is the greatest number you can make by rearranging the numbers?

2. What is the smallest number you can make by rearranging the numbers?

3. Add the numbers together. Is your total even or odd?

4. Count by tens to get your number to the nearest hundred.

5. Multiply all three numbers. Is your answer odd or even?

6. Count by hundreds to get your number to the nearest thousand.

7. Create 3 different equations for the numbers, representing a mix of addition and subtraction.

8. Divide your number by 5, 10, 3 and 0.

9. Multiply your number by 2.

10. Multiply your number by 10, 100, and 1000.

11. Arrange all three numbers to make 6 different numbers. Order them least to greatest.

12. Write your number using standard notation.

13. Write your number in expanded form.

14. Write your number in word form.

15. Draw or count out groups of ten to represent your number.

16. Round your number to the nearest ten.

17. Round your number to the nearest hundred or thousand.

18. Write the multiples of your number.

19. Multiply your number times itself.

20. Create a magic square with your number.

21. Write your number in monetary form, showing the largest number you can make and the smallest number you can make.

22. Using #21 as a reference, write out or or draw the dollars and coins needed to make your number out of cash, both largest and smallest amounts.

23. Choose the largest number you can make from the three digits. What is 10, 100 and 500 more than that number?

24. Subtract your number from 1000.

25. Draw your number as a picture, being creative and expressive. For example, your number may remind you of a place, phone number or IPOD song listing.

Hopefully your homeschooler has enjoyed learning about and reviewing place value concepts through the entertaining use of dice. This is a great lesson to adapt for younger elementary students also, using two dice or even one.

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