Decoupaged Napkin Christmas Ball

Decoupaged Napkin Christmas Ball
Christmas ball photoSome paper table napkins are just way too pretty that you can’t help but use them in your projects! Here’s one such project: a decoupaged Christmas ball ornament. Are you ready to try it? Let’s begin!

You will need:

* Christmas-themed paper napkin
* 3-inch polystyrene ball
* Mod Podge or diluted white craft glue
* Metallic cord
* Sheer gold ribbon
* Straight pin
* Scissors
* Brush or foam brush
* Hot glue gun

Cut the table napkin into a rectangle such that its width wraps around the ball once with a bit of overlap, and the height reaches the top and bottom of the ball. For a 3-inch ball, this rectangle would measure roughly 5 by 10 inches.

Fold the napkin in half along the width. Cut a fringe on the unfolded edges, with the cuts half an inch apart, and about ¼ inch from the fold. Taper the ends of the fringe by cutting the corners at an angle. Unfold the paper.

On the wrong side of the napkin, apply decoupage medium along the fold, and wrap the napkin around the polystyrene ball. Apply Mod Podge to one half of the ball, and adhere each of the strips to the ball. You may have to apply more Mod Podge to glue down the strips as you go along. Repeat with the other half of the ball. When done, apply a coat of Mod Podge to cover the entire ball. Set aside to dry.

To attach a hanger, tie a piece of metallic cord into a loop using an overhand knot. Trim off any excess cord. Stick a straight pin into the middle of the cord (opposite the knot), and insert the pin into the top of the ball. Secure the pin and cord with a dollop of hot glue for good measure.

Tie a bow using sheer gold ribbon. Trim the edges of the bow, and adhere to the base of the loop with a hot glue gun. You can further decorate the ball using glitter glue, sequins, or tinsel.

Variation 1:
Another way to cover a ball with a table napkin is to cut the napkin into ¼-inch strips that are long enough to wrap around the ball once with a bit of overlap. Glue the first strip starting from and ending at the top of the ball. Glue the second strip next to it with a bit of overlap, and continue wit the rest of the strips until the whole ball is covered. Coat with Mod Podge, allow it to dry, then attach the loop and bow.

Variation 2:
Cut the napkin into triangles, diamonds, or circles, and adhere the shapes to the ball one at a time until the whole ball is covered, making sure that there are no gaps. Coat with Mod Podge, and let dry. Attach the loop and bow.

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