Buying Detailing Supplies

Buying Detailing Supplies
I have been doing some research when I have had the chance, including taking a good look at the polishes, waxes, cleaners and tire and wheel products on the shelves at Wal-Mart, Auto Zone and car accessories stores. It is not hard to understand if some of you get a little frustrated when you are looking for a wax or polish to use on your vehicle. There are so many that one almost has to flip a coin to decide which ones will work on their vehicle and which ones are better. I have heard the statement, “You get what you pay for” all too many times, but in the case of auto polishes, waxes, and other supplies, that statement is not entirely true. There are quite a few different brands which cost a lot more than the others, so one would probably assume they are supposed to be better. But that is not always true, so the best route to go is to either go by trial and error, or ask someone who has some knowledge with regards to the different products on the market. Go online to the products website. The information you need is right there and you may contact them with any questions you may have. One manufacturer you can trust for good products is MEGUIAR'S--ALWAYS! Their products are based on years of experimentation and testing and they are safe for your vehicle. Another product line is TURTLE WAX PLATINUM SERIES. It's not your father's wax anymore! If you follow the directions on their bottles, you will usually come out all right. I will try to cover vehicles from the ground up -- tires, exterior, windows, trim, interior, etc., and tell you what I have found works best and what I recommend. That does not mean what you are using is not good. I may not have even tried what you are using, so if it is working relatively well, by all means, keep using it. The age of your vehicle is also a factor in what you use. Just as some products have advanced simply do to the auto industry advancing on the paints and finishes they produce. Literally, today's finishes need quite a bit less waxing and polishing--provided the vehicle is kept out of the elements. If your vehicle is in the elements all the time, then waxing and polishing regularly is your best preventative measure to keep your vehicle looking its best. The MEGUIAR'S NEXT GENERATION TECH line is awesome stuff! The product line is available at Wal-Mart and is considerably cheaper than anywhere else. In fact most all waxing and polishing products that Wal-Mart carries save you big bucks. So please, before you go out and buy your products, check Wal-Mart first. The TURTLE WAX PLATINUM SERIES line is a very close second. I will use this product line when Wal-Mart has sold out of Meguiar's--obviously, I choose Meguiar's First. For tires, and trim or rubber and plastic, MEGUIAR'S NEXT GENERATION PROTECTANT for rubber, plastic and vinyl. It works absolute wonders for my trim on my Jeep! It goes on evenly and stays on without leaving any streaks or dry spots! It smells nice too. Try Meguiar's Protectant on the interior trim as well! My rims are polished aluminum but they look chrome so maintaining the shine is of utmost importance--I trust MEGUIAR'S METAL POLISH! It keeps my rims beaming for days! It also repels future brake dust so cleaning them is a snap! Windows and glass can be maintained with ARMOR-ALL GLASS CLEANER provided you use a microfiber towel. Microfiber delivers a clean, streak-free window every time! Your windows will be clean and clear especially at night when you need them to be the clear the most. In conclusion, the above named products are safe, user-friendly and very affordable. Always read the package for instructions on use for the best results. Remember to save your receipt just in case the product is not satisfactory. The above named products are available at most all stores that sell Auto Detailing supplies. If you have any questions or want to let me know what you use, email me at I'm here to help. Always drive safely! -Marie

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