Vision Issues Newsletter An Eye on Vision Issues

Vision Issues Newsletter An Eye on Vision Issues
Welcome loyal readers and guest’s to the BellaOnline Vision Issues Website,

My name is Dean Ingalls and I am the vision issues editor. My weekly newsletter, "An Eye on Vision Issues" contains important information about what happening on the vision issues and BellaOnline website.

The newsletter will contain updated information concerning all aspects of vision for all age groups. Below is a list of topics included in the newsletter with a short explanation of each topic.

1. Newsletter includes a list of employment opportunities available to the visually disabled. - Postings of job openings around the country for visually impaired/blind individuals searching for employment.

2. Vision alerts of topics in the news effecting vision issues. – Learn how Federal/State government programs affect the visually impaired community through brief explanations. Discover information about medical developments or breakthroughs concerning vision situations including medications and therapy. Read article reviews revealing inspirational stories of accomplishments by visually challenged individuals around the world.

3. A brief review of the weekly article posted on the vision issues site.

4. Statements about new subject threads started in the vision issues forum. – A brief description of what’s happening in the Vision Issues Forum about polls, games, interesting topics and stories.

5. Find out information about recommended websites that standout for easy access to the visually impaired computer user. – A listing and brief discussion of websites that assist visually impaired/blind individuals. I enjoy surfing the Internet and locating new accessible innovative websites that include modern technology, software or assistive equipment capable of helping individuals overcome vision issues.

6. A section about important calendar events on vision topics appears in the newsletter for each month. A brief discussion of seminars, conventions and conferences is included that offer help to the visually disabled community. Also, includes a pre-view of what is coming next week.

Signing up for a newsletter online means putting your trust into the website and the author of the newsletter. BellaOnline promises to protect your privacy. No e-mail address used to sign-up for the vision issues newsletter goes to a third party user. The addresses stay secure and safe. Even, I do not know your e-mail address. You will only receive the vision issues newsletter and no other e-mails when you sign up. You will never be spammed! Your trust is very important and not taken for granted or abused.

I look forward to meeting readers in the vision issues forum. If you have not visited the forum, take a few minutes and join the group. The forum is a great place to meet other readers and post questions or suggestions. I always welcome your comments and may use your ideals in upcoming newsletters or articles. Telling your story in the forum could help a person overcome vision loss. You never know how a few kind words may affect another person?

Signing up for the newsletter is easy. Just enter your e-mail address and submit. You will receive an e-mail confirming you signed up for the newsletter and it’s free! By the way, if you like the newsletter then, send it on to your friends!

Looking forward to our future encounters!

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