Treating Crohn's Naturally - The Modulation Phase

Treating Crohn's Naturally - The Modulation Phase
The Modulation Phase of Treating Crohn’s Disease
Low Dose Naltrexone is a narcotic and an opioid cell receptor site antagonist that when given in very low dosages affects the immune system in a amazing way that promotes health in the face of the most serious and debilitating diseases, including crohn’s, irritable bowel, Parkinson’s’, MS, and cancer. Studies have been done and continue, that show the most promising of results. There are doctors across the US who are now guiding patients in its use in these ‘incurable’ diseases with good results for many.

A study from Penn State University published in American Journal of Gastroenterology (January 2007) regarding the use of Naltrexone reported that dosages of 4.5 mg per day for an adult showed to be beneficial. Out of the 17 participants, 89% had a positive response and 67% went into remission. No side effects or abnormalities in lab work were noted. Ulcers, edema and inflammation have been resolved in only 4 weeks of naltrexone therapy for some people with crohn’s.

Another study with animals demonstrated a significant reduction in inflammation in brain cells which may indicate usefulness in treatment for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

One may ask why is it that an opioid receptor site antagonist is helpful in the modulation of such serious disease? There are a number of different cells involved in immune function. It has been found that macrophages, immature thymocytes, T-cells and bone marrow progenitor cells all contain opioid receptor sites. It is as of yet not fully clear as to what happens to create positive results. What we do know is that when LDN is taken at bed time it is reported to up-regulate the immune system and cause an increase in the production of endorphins.

Naltrexone originally came onto the market for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. The dosage is generally 50mg per day. Since then the pharmaceutical industry has had no interest in continuing studies on the use of low dosages for autoimmune diseases and cancer. The cost of such studies is in the millions and its results may take profit away from the pharmaceutical industries other interest. Naltrexone is very inexpensive and generic is now available. What could be the motivating factor to develop this product as a crohn’s or cancer treatment when the medicines currently used for them bring in exorbitant profits? My friend’s current cancer chemotherapy cost her (or should I say the state through Medicare) 15,000 dollars every three weeks for IV infusions. She has been on this for several years, and yet her cancer progress. Someone is making a lot of money and certainly we are paying a lot of money for her cancer maintenance.

All studies done on Naltrexone for crohn’s or other autoimmune diseases have been privately funded through universities or other private donations.
Finding a physician willing to prescribe this new approach to treatment may be difficult. Any physician can prescribe this medication due their ability to prescribe for off label uses so rest assured, you are not asking them to do anything illegal. Licensed naturopaths should also be able to assist you. You will have to educate yourself so you can help your physician learn about its use. It has been recommended to me that joining the Yahoo group for the use of low dose naltrexone and asking members for a referral for a doctor in your area had been helpful to some.

Because the results with naltrexone in crohn’s has been so remarkable for the majority of those who tried it in clinical studies and because the cost is so low and side effects so minimal, I think that it would be negligent to oneself not to give it a try. It is the perfect adjunct in the Three Phases of Crohn’s treatment

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