Is Your Crush Into You?

Is Your Crush Into You?
While it may never be an exact science, it is possible to get a pretty good sense of whether or not someone is romantically interested in you without having to possess any psychic powers. If you are interested in somebody but aren’t sure if your crush is feeling the same way, consider using the following methods to help you figure out where you stand.

  • Tune into your intuition - There is usually a wealth of insight to be discovered through that subtle little voice that lives inside your head. Call it instinct, a hunch or even a gut feeling, but everybody has an internal compass that helps to guide the decision making process. Unfortunately, however, very few people know how to listen to their intuition and even those that do often have a hard time trusting it. Some are unable to differentiate between intuition and wishful thinking, which can easily lead to awkward misunderstandings. For all practical purposes, intuition can be characterized as an initial reaction and/or impulse. The biggest difference between intuition and wishful thinking is that intuition is a naturally occurring sensation, which does not require any conscious thought; whereas wishful thinking is the manifestation of beliefs or feelings that have been heavily influenced by deliberate thoughts and desires. Intuitions are almost always very subtle in nature. Wishful thinking, on the other hand, is usually rather difficult to ignore or suppress. Once you are more comfortable relying on your intuition, you will likely find it to be an invaluable resource in all areas of your life. So the next time you begin to wonder if you have a shot with that special someone, let your intuition be the judge.

  • Pay attention to body language - Spend some time observing the social behaviors of others, preferably those who you are not directly connected with so that your observations will be more objective. Watch how other people flirt with each other or interact in a variety of social situations. Try to identify certain patterns or universals that may help you to understand how body language works. Once you learn to speak and read body language in a more efficient manner, figuring out if your crush is into you should be a piece of cake.

  • Ask him/her out - While this approach obviously comes with the potential for rejection, at least you will be spared from the gut-wrenching misery of uncertainty.

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