Moto GP3 - Motorcycling Fun

Moto GP3 - Motorcycling Fun
We've been a fan of the MotoGP series since it first came out. The physics and graphics of the game are astounding. MotoGP3 is a worthy sequel!

You begin by customizing your character - helmet style, nationality, name, even gender. There are a variety of colors to go through. Then you get into the game itself.

For those familiar with the MotoGP series, you'll see a number of improvements here. The graphics and sounds have been tuned to be even more realistic than usual. There are now 15 real circuits plus 20 fantasy circuits on the map. There's the ability to play with up to four players, although it's done via multitap so everyone is on the same machine. Also, they've enhanced the riding to make it even MORE realistic by adding in separate front/rear braking and a front-back weight slide option. As any motorcyclist can tell you, how you shift your weight on your bike can have a huge impact on its performance.

We are in fact motorcyclists and love these games in general. MotoGP3 does a great job of offering an easy "arcade" version for those not interested in realistic handling - as well as a full "season" mode for the ones interested in a hard-core, real motorcycling challenge. There are also fun time trials and challenges to keep things interesting.

I really appreciate that there are the different modes. Some people just aren't real motorcycle fans and don't want their bike to act "squirrely" around corners. Other people actually do ride motorcycles and get upset when their motorcycle does something it shouldn't be able to.

There are many motorcycles to choose from, and different levels of difficulty. You can set the weather conditions, number of laps, even the type of transmission.

The details are just so impressive with this game. In essence they keep "revamping" the same game every year so the development team has had plenty of time to focus on those details. The tires get dirty when you ride in the dirt. The trees in the distance look like real trees. It really does feel like you're in a real motorcycle race.

The AI is much improved over earlier games. The other riders with you have their own techniques and styles. You get to recognize who you're riding against and treat them as actual characters.

While button-pushing can be fun for arcade mode, I highly recommend going into analog mode for real motorcycle fun. On an actual motorcycle, you don't have buttons, you have throttles and brakes that roll on and off. The analog control gives you far more finesse over your riding ability.

Highly recommended for motorcycle fans!

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