Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Guitar Hero Aerosmith
The important thing to realize about Guitar Hero Aerosmith is that it is not an "improvement". It is simply Guitar Hero with Aerosmith songs and band members. If you love Aerosmith, this could be fantastic! If you don't like Aerosmith then (perhaps obviously) you should look elsewhere.

I happen to love Aerosmith songs so I found the game fantastically fun. The locations are based on places Aerosmith played - Nipmuc high school, the Orpheum, a half time show. They did an awesome job with the "characters" in the game, so you really do feel like you're playing the band. And then there are the songs.

Aerosmith fans will always complain about them not including song X or song Y, since they didn't include the ENTIRE song library from Aerosmith's full, long career, but they did an awesome job of choosing most of the best. You get Sweet Emotion, Rag Doll, Livin' on the Edge, Love in an Elevator and much more. In addition, there are a collection of non-Aerosmith songs as well, as the warm up bands play. I really like a lot of these songs as well, such as Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself for Loving You".

Gameplay is pretty much right from the Guitar Hero franchise so if you enjoy playing that, you'll enjoy playing this as well. The aim here wasn't to reinvent the wheel or change your button mashing skills - it was to add in new songs.

I'm sure some people might say "why not just let you download the songs into regular Guitar Hero and pay for them one-off". Sure, I suppose that should be an option too - but I really do enjoy this as its own game. I love the new venues, characters and the video clips. I love the little blurbs about Aerosmith's history. I'm quite content with this being its own game.

That all being said, they charged the full price for this game - but it's not as long as the other Guitar Hero games. I think if they're going to charge the entire full game price that the game should have been just as long and full as any other Guitar Hero game. There should have been more venues and more songs.

If for legal reasons they couldn't do that (i.e. they couldn't get rights to more songs) they should have dropped the price.

Still, if you enjoy Aerosmith, this is highly recommended!

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