Peyote Stitch Toggle Clasp

Peyote Stitch Toggle Clasp

In the first article in this series, we created an even-count flat peyote stitch bracelet band. Now we'll make and attach a matching beaded toggle clasp.

What to do:

1. Weave a new, short band of peyote stitch for the toggle bar. Begin by weaving an 8-row band of peyote stitch that is one column (or bead) shorter on each side than the bracelet band. Weave-in the tail of thread where you started the band, but don't weave-in the other end just yet. (Notice that because the rows are staggered, each column contains only 4 beads.)

2. Zip-up to turn the band into a toggle bar. Fold over the band you made in Step 1, and align the ends so that the beads fit together like the teeth of a zipper. Bring the thread out at the end of the last row, and then weave it back down, back and forth, through just the upper beads on each end of the band. When you reach the end of the row, reverse direction and pass the needle back down through the first bead on the other side, to complete the zipping-up (see the diagram below). Then, weave-in the thread to end it.

3. Create the toggle shank. The shank is the narrow band that connects the toggle bar to the bracelet band. Using thread that is already emerging from the bracelet band (if you haven't ended that thread yet), or after starting a new thread, weave a 5-row band of 2-column peyote stitch with Opaque Turquoise Green beads, starting from the two center beads in the last row of the bracelet band. Be sure to follow this path:

4. Connect the shank and toggle bar. Align the toggle bar and shank so that the middle two beads on the toggle align with the last row of the shank like the teeth of a zipper. Using the thread from the shank, weave into and through the middle two beads on the toggle twice to securely zip them up with the shank. Then weave back and forth back down the shank, one row at a time, and weave-in to end the thread inside the bracelet band.

5. Create the toggle loop. On the other end of the bracelet band, use a new thread to weave 3 rows (3 beads) of a 2-column band, as if you were beginning another shank, on top of the center two Opaque Turquoise Green beads of the last row in the bracelet band. Then, string on enough beads to create a loop just large enough to slip over the toggle bar (about 16 to 18 beads). String back through the last two beads you wove into the short band, and then back through the entire loop again, going through several beads at a time. Weave-in and end the thread inside the bracelet band.

6. Weave-in all thread tails. Now go back and attach the needle to any thread tails that are still emerging from your design (from beginning new threads), and weave- in to end them.

The peyote stitch toggle clasp is complete!

To learn more peyote stitch techniques, and how to perform other interesting bead-weaving stitches, I recommend these titles:

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Chris Franchetti Michaels is a writer and jewelry artisan specializing in beaded designs, wire work, and metal fabrication. She is the author of the books Teach Yourself Visually: Jewelry Making and Beading, Beading Quick Tips, and Wire Jewelry Quick Tips. Visit her website for more jewelry-making help and inspiration.

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