More Personal Computer Definitions

More Personal Computer Definitions
Drowning in a sea of geek speak? Think hardware, software and floppy disks are naughty sayings? You have come to the right place! Listed below, with definitions, is the second round of common terminology associated with using a personal computer and technology.

The list is provided in alphabetical order.

DPI (Dots Per Inch)
DPI is the measurement of a printer’s resolution. It is the number of dots the printer can print with in a one-inch space. Printers that have a higher DPI will have a cleaner, crisper and a better-detailed output.

Computer or system hardware is comprised of the physical parts or peripherals that create the overall system. These parts include, but are not limited to, monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer and processor.

A keyboard is a peripheral that is used to input data, such as text and numbers, into a computer. The standard keyboard is based after the standard QWERTY layout first used in typewriters though specialized keyboards are becoming more popular. Keyboards come with different connection options such as wired or wireless.

Memory (RAM – Random Access Memory
The memory (RAM) in a computer is the area where programs and documents are loaded while the computer is in use. The memory is a temporary holding area – once the machine is shut-off, everything is cleared from the RAM.

A monitor is used to display the programs and data on a personal computer. The first monitors available where CRT (cathode ray tube) based monitors and where available in an ugly green or orange. Newer monitors are LCD (liquid crystal display) based and have full color capabilities.

A mouse is used to navigate the software and operating system, input data and control the computer. Mice come in many different technologies included laser, infrared and the traditional ball based mouse. They are connected to the computer with a cable or wireless.

The printer is an output device that allows data, including text and pictures, to be printed from a computer. A printer is usually either an inkjet or a laser and this refers to the type of substance and technology that is used to create the printout.

Computer software is comprised of programs that are used to run a system (operating system) or accomplish a specific task (application software) on a personal computer. There are thousands of programs available that allow a user to utilize a computer for tasks ranging from playing a game of golf to completing their taxes.

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