Amish Mafia: Season 3 episode 3 Recap

Amish Mafia: Season 3 episode 3 Recap
Jolin starts this episode off with a bang. Literally. After finding out that there is meth in the community, he drives to a junkyard to see whats going on. After investigating for himself, he blows up the meth trailer and watches it go down in flames. A good day's work has been done.

Merlin's friend's wife comes to him saying that she is concerned about her husband. Apparently he has been visiting Hooters. Merlin freaks out and declares that he is " off the righteous path" and he needs God's guidance. He manipulates his friend into becoming a new preacher in the community to try to smooth things over. Andrew, Merlin's friend, is taken aback at how easily Merlin's will is done.

Lebanon Levi decided to pop in on Esther and surprise her with a proposal of marriage. Esther is shocked, but is keen on the idea. She knows it will help her standing in the community and help her family.

Big Steve is back to his old ways, after coming back from Iowa he is sent on a new adventure. He hops into a buggy to overtake another man who owes money to Levi. He overtakes him and wrestles him to the ground. This Editor has no idea why anyone would be intimidated by this man, but the man in question pays up.

After the debacle of the field party, Caleb has been exiled to Indiana to run parties over there. He is introduced to "Flip", Levi's Indiana Amish party planner. After discovering someone is selling moonshine, they collect cow's farts, (yes really) and throw the bags into the moonshine shed. The shed explodes, and another good day of work is done.

John is still feeding inside information to the constable, and it is confusing as to why he is doing this. We then learn that he is trying to stay out of jail and he believes that sharing the info will help him with this. We can only assume "staying out of jail" was for him having his sister Esther's back in a fight with some bullies.

Lebanon Levi drives off to see the bishop to talk about a possible engagement to Esther. He is not allowed to drive up to the house, so Alvin gives him a horse and buggy to drive. Next thing we know Levi is storming out of the bishop's house and drives angrily off in his car. Viewers are left wondering what is going on. Guess we will find out next week!

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