The One-Minute Cure Book Review

The One-Minute Cure Book Review
The other day I got an email promoting a one minute cure to all diseases. It was actually one of those promotions for a book with lots of tantilizing leads on what this cure is but does not tell you what it is. You have to purchase the book to find out. Courosity got me and I purchased the book (used) and here is my report.

The One-Minute Cure, The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases, written by Madison Cavanaugh, is a good report on the long lived use of food grade hydrogen peroxide to cure disease and replenish the body with healing and protective oxygen.

In the annals of alternative medicine this is certainly not new, but perhaps not well enough known about. Those who have the stomach for it are reported to have cured a number of serious diseases including cancer, fungus and other infections with the oral ingestion of food grade hydrogen peroxide.

She gives some insight to the policial history as to why this therapy is not well known, once again down dressing the pharmaceutical industry, the AMA and all its associates. It is the well known arguement amongst alternative therapy promoters which encompasses a third of the book but may be new information for the novice and worth consideration.

Cavanaugh also discusses other oxygen therapies but her knowledge of these protocols seems limited in understanding and scope. She fails to mention that ozone kills pathogens by an oxidation reduction reaction on the surface on pathgen's membranes. She also fails to mention the cutting edge applications of ozone through RHP, Extracorporeal Recirculatory Hemoperfusion, similar in appearace to dialysis, that is being practiced in Mexico and in Malaysia. Ozone does not work just because it delivers more oxygen to the body. The same is true about H2O2. There is an oxidative reaction that kills pathogens. Double bonded O2 in and of itself is not a signficiant pathogen killer, but does it beneficial work by boosting pathways in the immune system that destroy bacteria. It is the release of siglet oxygen though oxidative reduction reactions that takes oxygen applications to a new level in killing pathogens for both aerobic and anerobic bacteria.
She also fails to mention that the vast majority of people who approach oral intake of H2O2 do not continue with the proctol for the length of time to be fully effective becasue it is literally very hard on the stomach. She does provide alternative approaches to dealing with nausea and the chlorine like taste. I wonder how much of the H2O2 is actually spent when delivered in the variety of juices she recommends.

There is a discussion about using H2O2 in baths. She recommends that you use regular drug store 3% hydrogen peroxide, not food grade for this applicaiton. She also lists the addatives found in this product. Does she not realize that these addatives will also be absorbed by the skin? The skin is so absorbative that many medicaitons are now delivered transdermally. This is a poor recommendation in my estimation. The same for dental care. If you want to use H2O2 for healing purposes use food grade hydrogen peroxide in ALL applications, diluted to the proper dilutions.

There is also a discussion about the use of H2O2 for wound healing by conventional medical doctors. This has been true for a very long time but more recently for long term wound and stasis ulcer conditions the use of H2O2 has been abandoned as it is too caustic and can cause more damage to these severely compromised tissues than it is worth. H2O2 applications in wound care are now used sparingly in light of some other better products out there. This does not mean that an H2O2 oral application may not be beneficial. Topically, either pure oxygen or hyperbaric oxygen or medical ozone gas applied topically is the therapy of choice for regenerating stasis conditons of the skin and associated wounds.

Unfortuantely the book is not indexed so if purchase it have your highlighter and stickies at hand or you will be wasting valuable time. There is a bibliography, but it does not include leaders in the bio-oxadative therapies, excpet for Ed McCabe and William Douglas, MD. And I have to ask, where are some of the names of the 15,000 physicians or clinics that Cavanaugh touts as having offered this protocol throughout Europe? That remains a mystery.

I would recomend this book for beginners but I would also say to broaden your knowledge base before you proceed. It may not be the best choice in treatment options. It is certainly worth a try if you do not have the money or insurance to fund other expensive alternative or conventional therapies. You can pick up the book used at Amazon.

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