Final Fight X - Streetwise

Final Fight X - Streetwise
Final Fight goes inner city with Final Fight X - Streetwise. The soundtrack is full of rough music, the scenes are concrete jungles with dirt and blood covered combatants.

There's a ton of swearing in this game, as well as hookers, drug dealers and just about every other miscreant type you can imagine. I enjoy the Grand Theft Auto series, so I'm not a goody-goody ... but it was a bit over the top here.

The graphics were very jumpy, with clipping problems and monotone objects. There were some nice interactivities, being able to pick up garbage cans for example. Still, the world felt very forced.

The sound is OK, although if this is going to be a story-driven game, they should have gone for better voice actors. Also, very strangely, the subtitles are usually off from what is being said. The soundtrack sounded like a cheezy version of a gangster / mobster movie.

I think in general that was the problem with most of the game. You could see where they were coming from, and it might have been a ton of fun, but it's just not quite there. Maybe they needed more time in development. The sound is OK but not great. The graphics are OK but not great. The storyline ... ditto.

I'd rent this one first, to see if you get drawn in, before you buy it.

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