Speed 2 Cruise Control Movie Review

Speed 2 Cruise Control Movie Review
"I've been in worse situations than this, and panic does not help, trust me!
" ~ Annie

Remember the discussion from the original Speed about relationships that start during times of intense circumstances never last? Well it didn’t and, sadly, Annie (Sandra Bullock) has broken up with Jack Traven, LAPD officer from the original movie, Speed. Unfortunately, Annie’s new Speed 2 boyfriend has failed to mention that he is also a daredevil cop on a mission and, with that, we are hurtling off on another high speed adventure.

The movie opens with two scenes portraying the sharp contrast between Annie and Officer Alex Shaw (Jason Patric). Annie is completing her over-the-road driver's test, with the ever-amusing Tim Conway as the driving instructor. Shaw, on the other hand, is on a high-speed chase to catch a criminal. The two collide and Annie realizes she is back in the same boat (no pun intended). In Speed 2, however, Shaw is already in love with Annie and has purchased cruise tickets so they can go off on a romantic getaway (and he can explain his job, and propose all at the same time).

Instead of a bus, this time, Speed 2 takes to the seas. John Geiger (played by the often odd, Willem Dafoe), is a disgruntled ex–employee. Geiger designed the ship’s computer system, but now he wants revenge and diamonds. To hide his crime, he plans to send the ship and its occupants on a collision course with a tanker. Speed 2 is all about rescuing the passengers and stopping the mad man in his tracks. Character development, however, is not a strong suit in this movie so while we are introduced to many characters, we only get to know them on a superficial level.

Speed 2 attempts to derive a lot of its comedy through thinly vailed references to the original movie, often falling a bit short in comedy, but heavily on the rather corny. The movie was hugely panned by critics and audiences. In fact, it was the belief among many critics that the failure of the lead from the original Speed movie, Keanu Reeves, should have been an indicator that the movie was going to be a flop.

As in the original Speed, romance was again made a factor in the movie. This time, however, the romance is taking a larger portion of the story line. It is much harder, however, to watch Sandra Bullock play a ditzy girlfriend which was very different from her stronger character in the original movie.

So what can I say about this Speed 2? While it appears that I am panning this movie, as well, I actually find it an enjoyable escape.

Rating: PG- Action & Adventure Directed
Directed by: Jan de Bont
Opened: Jun 13, 1997
Runtime: 2 hr. 5 min.

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