Nintendogs Breed Listing - Chihuahua Set

Nintendogs Breed Listing - Chihuahua Set
Nintendogs isn't just one game. It's a collection of games, and each item in the series offers a series of breeds of dogs that are available. Depending on which particular Nintendog box you buy, you will have certain dogs available to play with. The following set of dogs are available on the Nintendog Chihuahua box set.

Boxer - Boxers were originally bred in the 1800s to go after wild boar and other rough game. Their muscular bodies and small ears helped minimize damage received during those fights. Boxers are wonderful guard dogs and can also do search and rescue work as well!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - These dogs are based on the well documented style of spaniel found in paintings of King Charles II. This King loved this style of dog and many paintings of the time depict the small, loyal pet.

Chihuahua - These tiny dogs are best known as the "Taco Bell Dog". They have been treasured in Mexico for centuries and are named after a Mexican state. They are very high energy!

German Shepherd - Rin Tin Tin was a very famous German Shepherd, that brought this loyal, intelligent and hard working dog to the public attention and affection. They were bred to be great at herding farm animals and providing loyal protection for the owners.

Shetland Sheepdog - Also known as Shelties, these dogs were bred on the Shetland Islands near England. These islands are rocky and small, and the dogs had to be agile and intelligent to keep an eye on the sheep and goats.

Yorkshire Terrier - This fluffy little dog is named after Yorkshire England, and is considered a mixture of several other terrier breeds.

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