GTA San Andreas Released

GTA San Andreas Released
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas is now out for the PS2. The game lives up to its hype - both good and bad. Read on for a review and walkthrough!

First, the gameplay. If you've been living in a cave and haven't heard of this game, it is definitely MATURE. The other two GTA3 games were mildly mature. This one is full blown mature. There is more swearing in 5 minutes of the game than in most full length R-rated movies. You are beating up people with baseball bats, having drive-by gang shootings, and more. This isn't a game for kids.

That being said, there is a lot here to entertain adults who are into gang life and rap music. The graphics are really quite amazing, and the maps are HUGE. You can drive all over intricately detailed streets, hopping in and out of whatever cars you see. There are different areas of town, each with its own look and feel.

The music immerses you in this world which is both bad and good. If you love the rap / hiphop music, you're all set. But unlike the other games that gave you a wide selection of music to choose from, in San Andreas you're pretty stuck with that one genre. I suppose there is one country station, plus the traditional (and fun) talk station too.

Gameplay is typical GTA style. You go on missions. In your missions you shoot the bad guys and go on object-finding hunts. There are tags to spray paint, people to talk to and deeds to do. A lot of blood is spilled along the way.

An addition to San Andreas is the customization of your character. You're a black male adult, and can go into barber shops to change your hairstyle at whim. You can also hop into a tattoo shop to add tats to various parts of your body. As you eat and run, you can get muscular, slim, fat or so on. If you eat too much and get fat, it slows you down. If you don't eat enough, you end up weak. Balance is key here.

The game is flying out of stores at an incredible rate, and the pre-orders for it were collossal. Loyal fans will not be disappointed - the game really amps up every aspect. Those who want to complain about the violence and language will find plenty to be upset about - but remember, this game is for adults only. It clearly says mature on the box. So if an adult chooses to play this game and have fun with it - well, that's their decision to make!

San Andreas Walkthrough

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