Keeping Your Interior Windows Clean...Longer

Keeping Your Interior Windows Clean...Longer
I hate dirty windows! Especially in my car(s). I found that I have to clean them every week and now that the colder weather has set in, I will be using my defrost every morning! I tried several window cleaning implements over the summer and then I realized that I was fighting a losing battle! Then one day, while I was detailing my cars, I thought if I use wax on the exterior windows and the moisture doesn't adhere, maybe it would work for my interior windows!

First, I cleaned my windows with Armor-All Glass Cleaner. I totally recommend this product for your window's interior--it gets ALL the dirt on the first wipe and it doesn't leave streaks. By the way, you can buy this product in the Wipes version. It removes everything from Armor-All spray off from your dash board to filthy cigarette smoke film. I use a clean terry towel because of the texture of the towel picks up most everything on the spot. Now normally, I would consider this job done and move on to the next detail but this time, I wanted to try using wax to keep the smoke film, dust and the like from sticking to my glass. My door windows are factory tinted so the tint film was a concern for me. I then consulted a professional window tinter and he assured me that applying a light coat of wax would not hurt the tint film as long as I used a clean, soft cloth/towel. I sprayed Meguiar's Quik Wax onto my towel and I applied the wax in a side-to-side motion. I let it dry after a minute or two and wiped the interior glass clean and it really looks great! I haven't had to clean my windshield and windows as much so far and that was over the summer! I was really impressed with my rear window because for some reason it is the dirtiest and hardest to clean! The real impression came while I was driving at night and I didn't have any haze on my windows and everything looked so clear!

I used my own judgement when I tried this--on my own car, of course. It works for me and I think I am better off having done so. I hope you will use your best judgement whenever you are trying anything you are not sure of--consult a professional. In the mean time, I'm going to try this on the windows in my home! Regards, Marie

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