Mind Quiz PSP

Mind Quiz PSP
Mind Quiz for the PSP is yet another entrant in the test-your-brain game category. It's really hard for a PSP game to compare with the DS platform in this arena, but Mind Quiz gives it its best shot.

In DS games you have a touch screen, so the games can be very open ended. If you get a series of addition questions, you can write down the answers. That means the answers can be any number.

With the PSP, you are limited to pressing buttons for the answers. This means you can only choose from between four choices, no matter which puzzle you're playing. If you're counting blocks, or adding up shapes, it's always going to be one of four things. Often just scanning the choices can tell you which one is closest to right and click it.

Also, this means you have a double job to do each time. Say for question 1 they want you to add the highest and lowest. They show you four random answers and you choose one. Now for question 2 they again want you to add highest and lowest - and all 4 answers are different from the first four. Not only do you have to figure out what the correct answer is by solving the problem, but then you have to scan the possible answer pile to figure out where they PUT the correct answer this time. Maybe sometimes the "4" is X, Other times it's square.

I do like the question variety. There are more little puzzle types here than in many other brain training games (and I think we've tried them all :) ). You can also choose the difficulty level and the number of questions to play with. This gives you a lot of variety in playing. As you play you unlock real animal photos to look at. A silly little bonus, but some of them are quite cute! There's also of course a daily exam you can take, and a challenge mode where you're sent to work on a whole slew of puzzles at once.

You can't really blame Mind Quiz for its limitations. It was made for the PSP, and it can only do what the PSP can do. I found the interface very nice to work with and in general really enjoyed playing this.

Rating: 5/5

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