Enjoy Life’s Journey But Leave No Tracks

Enjoy Life’s Journey But Leave No Tracks
The words of wisdom from our Ancestors taught of treating our Earth Mother with care and respect. Humankind today has drifted far from these traditional philosophies. With the climate system’s growing unpredictability and similar world turbulence of every kind it leaves us to wonder if we are crossing a threshold. How much longer can we continue to ignore the risks and devastating consequences of not protecting and healing our planet and ourselves? We can sit and worry about a futuristic apocalypse or we can see through the eyes of our Ancestors and work together to heal, comfort, and bless a hurting and reacting Earth and her children.

Mother Earth has a magnificent and glorious history. Teachings found in national anti-bullying campaigns focus on evidence that it is easier for someone to disrespect a complete stranger than it is to assault someone they know something about. In this light, by learning more and gently teaching others about the brilliant history and attributes of Mother Earth, it is possible for life-giving change to take place on this planet.

Our Ancestors looked upon the Creator of all that is as The Great Mysterious, or The Great Mystery. This Mystery unfolds almost fourteen billion years before us in a bundle of energy that erupts into our magnificent universe. Within a fraction of a second all the energy that will ever exist was released. The universe is sculpted from hydrogen and atoms as gravity works its magic with the atoms and worlds are created.

Fourteen billion years before our Ancestors graced the planet galaxies were formed. The miracle of gravity squeezed together clouds of gas and dust causing pressure and heat. The first stars were born, radiating Divine energy out into the universe. Billions of stars emerged to create the elements of life. More than just sources of light, stars manufactured life-giving elements like iron, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen the building blocks that form our world. Supernovas, the explosion of stars, became the seeds of life on planet Earth.

Almost five billion years ago, a brilliant new star was born, our massive Sun. Gravity again worked magic in building our planets from gas and star dust. In perfect position the third planet out from this star would be our home, Mother Earth. A hot and wild planet made of molten lava, the liquefied volcanic rock was filled with a jumble of elements. Something had to bring order out of this chaos and once again gravity played a crucial role.

Lighter material drifted toward the surface and formed a solid crust. Heavier material would sink toward the center forming a molten, iron-nickel core. This churning liquid metal created a magnetic field that would reach out into space. Like a Mother protecting her young, Earth formed a force field that worked to protect our future home from the sun’s deadly charged particles. This magnetic field allowed for life to form and grow on our planet.

Over four billion years ago the formation of our moon was an incredibly important event in Earth’s history and climate. The moon keeps Earth steady as its gravitational pull prevents the planet from wobbling, saving us from wild climate swings. And the collision that formed the moon leaves Earth tilted on its axis giving Earth a key ingredient to life, Seasons. By that time Mother Earth had a beautiful moon and permanent oceans and thrived in an oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Miraculously, as Mother Earth celebrated her four billionth birthday oxygen levels in the atmosphere had risen from next to nothing to as much as 13% and life was flourishing. With oxygen came the gift of that ozone layer to protect precious life on Mother Earth from dangerous Sun radiation.

Humans have been around for only a very brief instant in the recorded history of their Mother planet. We have adapted, become even more intelligent and have now colonized the entire globe. It was ice-age land bridges that gave us the opportunity to spread around the world, but now that ancient ice is beginning to melt. The energy created out of that star dust in the beginning of time is still with us today. We have misdirected this energy by building civilizations of wealth and warfare. Mankind has hit a wall. Human progress is stalled by the limits of its greed.

By returning to the traditional teachings of our Ancestors we can begin a healing path, one in which we leave no harmful tracks. To make a breakthrough we’ll need a new way to power our lives, in all manner of speaking. Billions of years ago an extreme Earth took shape and settled in the right conditions to support life. On Earth the seeds of an ancient past have bloomed into a present filled with energy and creativity, however misguided.

The stories of billions of lives have played out against a world almost too vast to comprehend. In everything that we do, in all that we are we remain living monuments to the past as we continue to make history every day. Planting seeds for the future takes effort on your part, so now is the time to use your skills and resources to make use of the Divine and Mysterious star dust within. Shift away from any old, limiting ideas and fear and move forward. The time is now – the power is you!

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