The Incredibles

The Incredibles
Cast: Voices of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Fox, Sarah Vowell, Elizabeth Pena

Runtime: 115 minutes

Rating: PG for action violence

What would happen if all of the world’s superheroes were forced into hiding? This is what happens in the 2004 animated blockbuster “The Incredibles”.

Mr. Incredible (Nelson) is the world’s top superhero and fights crime alongside others such as Elastigirl (Hunter) who also happens to be his wife and his friend Frozone (Jackson). But when the citizens that they’ve tried to protect end up filing lawsuits against them, the government has no choice except to relocate all superheroes, forcing them to assume alternative identities as normal, everyday people.

The superhero gig is hard to give up! Although Mr. Incredible, who is now known as Bob Parr, is settled into suburban life with Elastigirl a.k.a. Helen and their three children Dash (Fox), Violet (Vowell) and baby Jack Jack, he and Frozone a.k.a. Lucius still try to lend a “helping hand” to the police when the need arises. Sometimes it doesn’t go exactly as planned.

One day Mr. Incredible is contacted by the secretive Mirage (Pena) who offers him the chance to come out of retirement by completing a mission on a distant island. However, Mr. Incredible soon discovers that what seems to be the opportunity of a lifetime has not only put his life in danger but the lives of his family and friends as well. Who is the mysterious Syndrome (Lee) who has lured him to the island and what are his intentions? You’ll have to watch “The Incredibles” to find out!

“The Incredibles” was a blockbuster when it was released in 2004 and it’s easy to see why. It’s definitely a film that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age! The movie is well paced with an original plot (outlawed superheroes) and there’s never a dull moment.

For an animated movie, there are plenty of action sequences. Some of my favorites happen near the beginning when Mr. Incredible comes face to face with Bomb Voyage (voice of Dominique Louis) and when his “biggest fan” Buddy (Lee) surprises him in his car. Also don’t forget his run ins with his boss at the insurance company!

Star Rating: I’ll give this one 5 out of 5!

Did You Know: The name of Mr. Incredible’s nemesis in the movie was supposed to be a character by the name of Xerek. The studio liked the Buddy character so much, they decided to change the character to the one we know as Syndrome!

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