Does Evil Exist

Does Evil Exist
Good and evil are completely subjective qualities. Different cultures live by rules that are right for them; however someone looking in from the outside may not understand their ways and perceive them as evil. Cannibals see nothing wrong in eating their fellow humans, however anyone who is not of that culture cannot conceive of their beliefs.

The world we perceive is based on polarities and duality, which also makes us inherently 'good' and bad'. Although the polarities are not separate from each other; they are part of the same whole, as in yin and yang. Usually we have a preference towards one half of the duality than another, for example; love and hate, fear and ease. When we do not achieve the one we prefer we can become upset, and make ourselves feel miserable. In the same way, if we do not embrace our 'dark side' we can struggle to accept our self, and may act in ways that seeks approval from others.

Most of us, given a choice, would prefer the 'good' side of life, however when we resist the opposite we set up a problem for ourselves. Since we are resisting the opposite, it seems to appear to us in more magnified ways to be accepted, so the whole can be completed again. We cannot know one without the other, and both bring their own gifts. I’m sure you’ll have heard the saying – what you resist persists.

Evil can be seen as self-preservation, we may act in ways that could be perceived as evil if we feel threatened. NLP has a presupposition that; all behavior has a positive intent for the individual. As with learned behavior, if someone has been subjected to abuse in any form, they can believe that it is acceptable to act in such ways themselves. If they know no better, is that evil?

This is where the old saying from the Bible, treat others as you would like to be treated, comes into question. This asks for a lot of assumptions to be made. When one thinks it acceptable to treat someone in a way that is fine for them, it may not be so for the recipient. Can we ever truly know how another would like to be treated?

Generally a murder case, abuse case and other perceived evil cases have someone with an issue of some sort as the perpetrator. There is usually someone who feels slighted, or victimized by another. They can then justify their actions, and for whatever reasons they have they can condone them because of their ‘story’.

The way we perceive situations and events give them their meaning for us, they have no meaning of their own, only the one we give it. Whatever conclusions we arrive at will then be the future beliefs about any given thing. When we change our perception, we change our experience.

Derron Brown, a UK hypnotist, carried out an experiment to see if he could make a passive individual kill someone. Through the use of planting thoughts and triggers in his mind he ‘trained’ a man to stand up in a full auditorium and shoot the person on stage, without having any memory of doing so. He indicated that Lee Harvey Oswald had perhaps been ‘trained’ in such ways to shoot JFK.

On a subtler level there are also the vibrations and frequencies we omit to be considered. Everyone we meet brings out a different aspect of our self. I know that I can be different with different people. Some enhance my ability to feel anger, while others magnify joy in me. Is everyone who has come together in agreement energetically with the events that unfold in their combined presence responsible jointly for what they create together? Which begs the question, can anyone really do anything to another against their will?

As with animals, dogs know if you are afraid of them so they will assert their power over you. If another person’s energy frequency meets yours and activates unusual or aggressive behavior in you, are you then responsible for your actions? Sometimes the influence can be overwhelming. Have you ever found yourself involved in things that are out of character, though only with the same people?

Who can say what is evil? We can only say what is evil according to our filters, beliefs and the meanings we have ascribed them. If all action creates a reaction, how do we know what anyone is reacting too? If the reaction is revenge for killing or violating a loved one; is it evil? In that scenario, I would imagine that most of us would be capable of murder. Does that make us evil or caring?

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