Multiple wick candles

Multiple wick candles
The making of a multiple wick candle is done by spacing several wicks an equal distance apart. This particular candle making project contains five wicks. The additional wicks will add a magical touch to any room. You may choose to use a circular, oval, square or rectangular mold for this project. The basic principals will remain the same.

As always prepare your candle making space, gathering all the supplies needed as listed below.

2 pounds Pillar blend candle wax
Candle dye
Candle scent
5 Primed wicks: pre-tabbed square braid
3 wooden dowels or pencils long enough to rest across top of candle mold to
support wicks
Wick sticker
Double boiler
Pouring pot
Metal spoon
Mold - A large one of your chosen shape
Candle thermometer
Mold release
Mold sealer

Melt your wax in the double boiler until it reaches 194-198 degrees Fahrenheit. Move on to next step while wax is melting, never venturing too far.

Cut the chosen wicks to desired length. Leave enough to tie around your dowels or pencils so that they may be kept straight and in place until the wax solidifies.

Lightly coat inside of mold with the mold release. If your mold requires you to apply a mold sealer then do it at this time to prevent any leakage when the wax is poured.

Place wicks into the wick tabs and apply wick sticker to bottom of tabs. Place first wick in bottom center of mold, then apply remaining wicks evenly spaced between center wick and the outside edge of mold.

Take your pencils and tie loose ends of wicks Place pencils on top rim of mold and tie the loose ends of the wicks to them. The first and third pencil should have two wicks tied to it. The middle pencil should have the center wick tied to it. Make sure that the wicks are straight and taut.

Now that your mold and wicks are prepared, dye wax as soon as the wax is completely melted and at the proper temperature. Blend thoroughly.

If scent is being used then add your scent at this time.

Now it's time to pour your wax. Keep excess wax ready in case you need to re-pour in case of shrinkage. Let wax solidify and remove from mold. As usual, if candle does not release easily just place in freezer for a few minutes to facilitate it's removal.

Trim top of wicks to 1/4 inch. Place your homemade candle in a proper sized candle holder, light and enjoy.

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