Hangover Help for the Over-Zealous Celebrator

Hangover  Help for the Over-Zealous Celebrator

How’s your head? For anyone suffering from a little too much partying, the following are some recommendations to counteract the gnarly results. Keep in mind that none of these guarantee results, and some are down-right weird, but have been used by those desperate souls who will try just about anything to stop the effects of too much of a good thing.

Antidote from the Romans, about 6 A.D. – swallow 6 raw owl eggs. This practice can raise protein levels in the body and may be soothing to irritated mucous membranes.
Beer Fox Comment: Okay, where can you get owl eggs? You could try regular chicken eggs, but I would not actually recommend this. Raw eggs can lead to salmonella gastroenteritis, also known as food poisoning. Food poisoning would add abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, fever, and diarrhea to your already suffering body.

Czar Nicholas II Remedy for a Hangover - One slice of lemon, topped with a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of coffee. Eat in one bite.
Beer Fox Comment: Sounds pretty disgusting to me! The coffee is a diuretic, and may only lead to a loss of water from the body. Since you are already dehydrated from the alcohol consumption, you will want to keep all the body fluid you can retain.

Russian Remedy No. 1 – Drink the brine from pickles or Russian sauerkraut (This replenishes lost potassium and magnesium) and/or drink kvass, a brown malt beverage made of fermented rye bread.
Beer Fox Comment: Is it any surprise that Sauerkraut and Pork, served with Rye Bread, has become a traditional New Year’s dinner?

Russian Remedy No. 2 – Coat a glass with a thin layer of vegetable oil. Break one egg into the glass. Add a pinch of salt, and a pinch each of red pepper and black pepper. Add 2 tablespoons of vodka, and mix thoroughly. Slam down the contents like a shooter! Lie down, close your eyes and rest quietly, with a cold towel covering your forehead.
Beer Fox Comment: More of the salmonella thing! Also, this one is like biting the dog that bit you. The “rest quietly” part with the cold towel works, though.

Russian Remedy No. 3 – Eat tripe and beef trotters that have been simmered for 6 hours. Eat with horseradish and garlic.
Beer Fox Comment: A greasy hamburger may be just as effective, if you can stomach it. Food will serve to diminish the effects of alcohol.

Chaser Freedom From Hangovers – These are activated calcium carbonate and vegetable carbons. Calcium carbonate is generally used to treat an upset stomach.
Beer Fox Comments: Research does not show these as having significant effectiveness in treating a hangover.

Eat food and drink milk before Imbibing - Consume water and sports drinks, as well.
Beer Fox Comment: This is one of the most effective ways to prevent the negative effects of alcohol consumption. If you drink a glass of water in between each drink, you will significantly reduce the effects of dehydration normally caused by drinking. You will also drink slower, allowing the body time to metabolize the drinks. The average person takes about one hour to process each drink.

Take vitamins prior to or with alcohol consumption – Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and the Antioxidants are recommended. Do NOT take large doses of Vitamin A, as this one can reach toxic levels in the liver, causing damage.
Beer Fox Comment: Vitamin B-6 has been shown to be beneficial to counteracting the effect of alcohol on the nervous system.

Go to bed early – If you are sleeping, you won’t be drinking.
Beer Fox Comment: If you have started drinking early, you will need to sleep it off anyway.

Poor Man’s Antidote for a Hangover – Take a good dose of brewers’ yeast (Vitamin B) before going to bed.
Beer Fox Comment: Ditto on the Vitamin B-6 comment!

No Hangover – You are either a God, or you have signs of a drinking problem. The more alcohol you consume, the higher your tolerance for alcohol. So beware if you have been slamming them down the previous night, but have no side effects.
Beer Fox Comment: It is unlikely that you have achieved “God” status. Face the facts that you may be developing a problem and get some help.

Nopal Powder - A derivative of Prickly Pear extract that has been highly successful in major university studies.  This is used to prevent a hangover, rather than to cure one.  For more information: Nopal Export.

Beer Fox Comment:  I would love your comments on this one.

Two Don’ts –
Do not exercise – Your liver has already processed a good deal of the alcohol, (You remember how often you used the bathroom!) and is dehydrated. Any exercise can cause serious loss of much needed body fluids.
Do not drink coffee – Caffeine is a diuretic. Your body is greatly in need of fluid, so don’t make matters worse by subjecting yourself to greater loss of liquids.

Remember to keep drinking water and sports drinks! Sleep!  There's always tomorrow!

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