Should Older Women Wear Long Hair?

Should Older Women Wear Long Hair?
Question: Should mature women, over the age of forty, wear long hair? This question is a concern of many of my readers. It reflects public opinion - "Will it look frivolous?" and physical changes - "Will it make me look older?"

Long hair can be great. Hair that swings and flows is very romantic. It can be fun to work with, offering different options in styling. Many women over the age of forty look wonderful in it.
If this is something that you want, first decide how long you want your hair to grow and what kind of ‘look’ you are going for.

Hair that is between chin and shoulder length offers a more professional appearance. Once your hair grows past shoulder length, the look is less office professional and more casual. Depending on whether this is important to you, you may want to keep it shorter or decide to wear your hair in an up do while at work.

If you are concerned with whether your long hair is making you look older, try this.
Have a picture taken. Get shots from several different angles and don’t worry about lighting or posing.
    Answer these questions.
  1. Does long hair accentuate wrinkles and sagging skin or 'pull your face down?' You can tell by comparing the picture with those taken when your hair was short. If you don’t have a short-hair picture, pull your hair up and back to see if you look younger or thinner.
    If you do, some remedies are:
    • Try styling your hair off your face or adding layers to 'lighten' the look and add more fullness on top.
    • You may be able lift your look by using styling glaze or spray gel in the front and sides. Apply the styling product at the root area. Slide your fingers into your hair and lift. Then use the blow dryer to dry it with your fingers in place. Finish it with a strong hair spray aimed at the root area.
    • Try wearing a casual up do when you want to look your best.

  2. Is your style up-to-date? Wear a style that is current but not trendy. Remember that the style you loved when you were twenty is not likely to be flattering at forty and the styles twenty year olds are wearing now isn’t either.
  3. Is your hair shiny and healthy? Hair that is dull or damaged adds years to your appearance.
  4. This means getting regular end trims and conditioning treatments.
  5. Don’t use a lot of hairspray, let your hair move. Make sure all the styling products you use have built-in shine.
  6. Don’t over-do permanent waves or hair-color. Get professional advice with these.
  7. How is your hair color? Color that is well done - usually by a professional colorist - will enhance the shine and add body to your hair and add warmth to your skin tones.

And one last question: Are you willing to spend time styling your hair every day? Un-done, messy hair is not usually flattering to a mature woman. Soft and controlled is best.

There is no ‘prescribed’ hairstyle for older women. With some planning and proper care long hair can be both fun and flattering for women of any age.

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