Face Facts, Change Perspective

Face Facts, Change Perspective
What do you know to be true?
Take a moment to think about a few general truths most people agree on: The earth is round. There are 24 hours in a day. Blue is a color. Water is wet.
These simple statements are not profound, but they are usually accepted without argument as to their validity. Now think of a few truths about yourself. Your gender. Race or ethnicity. Your likes and dislikes. While some answers are obvious to you, the truth becomes trickier to remember when depression is affecting your reality.

Depression is a liar. The nature of the illness is to magnify your flaws and eliminate your positives. It works hard to convince you that the things you know to be true are actually lies.

Try this exercise when you're ready to change your perspective.

Try this technique: Face the Facts
Have you ever been lied to? Most of us have, either by someone close to us or a more impersonal entity - perhaps the media or local government. For many, when a lie is discovered, we may feel angry or hurt. Perhaps you're frustrated, wondering what the truth really is.

When you find yourself overwhelmed by your circumstances, try facing the facts.

Here's how: Remember, depression is a liar. When you are dwelling on negative thoughts about yourself, correct your thinking by facing the facts instead.

Ask yourself questions to "face the facts" and change your perspective. Take a few quiet moments to challenge every negative thought with the truth. For instance, if you find yourself thinking, "I'm stupid," ask yourself, is that really true? Are you stupid? If you find yourself thinking, "I never do anything right!" Ask yourself if that's true. Have you actually never done anything right in your whole life? Instead of allowing depression to lie to you, face the facts - find the truth of each negative thought.

Facing the fact takes practice, and it definitely takes bravery. Be honest with yourself and don't be ashamed to work on one fact at a time until you are comfortable with this technique.

Review this perspective changer often, and when you can, try it out. Remember that changing our way of thinking can be tough, but it can be done. You can do it!

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