Good Karma

Good Karma
Even though the concept of karma was originated in the East, it is not a foreign concept in the Western civilization. From the Bible, Galatians VI, we find the phrase “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” In conversations, we often hear the phrase “what goes around comes around” as it has become a common definition of karma.

The concept of karma is simple: Whatever deed you do upon others, you will receive it back. If you cause harm and pain in others, you will very likely encounter pain in the near future. On the other hand, if you carry out good deeds that benefit others and the world, the nurturing energy will return to your life to benefit you in many ways. So, the question is “how do we create good karma so we can surround ourselves with positive energy?”

A good start is to pay close attention to your intentions. Ask yourself “what’s my true intention behind this word or action?” Intentions hold much more creative power than the actual act. Intentions fuel the creative force of karma. For example, if you reach out to help someone with the intention of receiving the recognition that feeds your ego, than the actual act of helping the person is to create the karma of needing to be recognized instead of a good deed of helping someone genuinely.

In addition, paying attention to true intentions requires us to act consciously and responsibly. We no longer have the excuse of ignorance or become absorbed in victimhood. As we become more accountable with our words and actions, it becomes easier and more important for us to make a conscious choice on how we can carry out our deeds. We also can see clearly on how our actions affect others’ lives and our own lives as well.

Many people after learning the concept of karma become panic, and rush out committing themselves with lots of volunteer activities. Volunteering is wonderful and should be encouraged. However, we must realize that to create good karma, it starts internally. It can be as simple as holding good thoughts and forgiveness for your loved ones after a fight instead of harboring resentment. Or it can be as easy as sending a prayer to people in need, a kind smile to a stranger, or even a hand wave to your neighbor whom you have not said hello to for a while. All good intentions and good deeds create positive karma. In order to surround yourself with all the goodness and positive energy, you need to become “the goodness” of the world.

Starting right now, create your good karma as what goes around truly comes around. Surround yourself with positive energy and the goodness of life by choosing responsibly and holding good intentions in everything you do. You will be surprised by how wonderful life becomes!

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