James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing - PS2

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing - PS2
A 2004 third-person shooter, "James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing" is another title in EA's video game adaptations of the James Bond series. Filled with gadgets, cars, and women, Everything or Nothing is a fairly decent game in the Bond series.

Revolving around nanomachines, the plot is standard Bond fare - kidnappings, supervillains, and explosions. The story really serves more as a vehicle for the gameplay than as a plot by itself. Said gameplay involves a mix of shooting (using cover and a fairly intuitive targeting system) and Bond gadgets, such as rappel gear, sleeper darts, remote controlled bombs, and thermal vision. For the most part these gadgets are easily carried into the regular game, and become more like tools and less like obstructions, as they were meant. There are also many "Bond moments" - points where a flashy or showy maneuver, for example flipping an object over and using it as cover, can be performed that grants the player additional points.

The graphics are fairly good, especially for the time. Pierce Brosnan is used as this game's James Bond (and voices him as well) and he is represented decently and accurately. Besides this, the game's various other textures have held up decently. As mentioned, many professional actors voice the game's characters - including John Cleese and Judi Dench, who represent Q and M - and the music is similarly decent.

While there's nothing really special about the game as a whole, as a Bond game it is very well put together and has a decent set of controls, graphics, and audio.


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