Advertising Promoting and Marketing

Advertising Promoting and Marketing
What is the difference between Advertising, Promotion and Marketing?

Many people are not aware that there really is a difference between these three terms. It is important to understand the difference in these terms so that you can properly use them for the success of your business. We are not just talking about newsletters and ezines here. We are addressing business in general and using your newsletter or ezine to accomplish the advertising, promoting and marketing strategy.


Marketing is the "What you do part" of your business to get your product or service into the hands of your customers. It involves the creative side of convincing people that you have the best to offer, whether it's a newsletter, product or service.

Marketing is where public relations, advertising, etc. becomes a vital necessity. It is also the strategy you use to find the “right people” to do your best "sales pitch" for your product or service. This is where you give the people your best reasons for them to choose your product or service. Having a marketing strategy is how you convince people to "buy into" the offer you have for them.

Marketing is about finding, attracting and convincing the right people about your product or service.


Once you have convinced the right people about your product or business now it's time to promote. Promoting encourages people to make that next step after you have marketed your business or product. This is where you share more detail about the background of your product or service and business. This is for potential customers. After the marketing to" convince the right people," these people become potential customers for you.

As some may say, this is where you “hype it up” about your product or service. Promotion allows you to reveal to your potential customer how your product or service can help make their life better or build a better business in some way.


Now to tie all this together, we introduce the point of advertising. Advertising entails marketing and promoting. You cannot have a marketing strategy without including advertising or promoting and you cannot have great advertising without an actual promotion campaign. So advertising is what ties it all together for your product or service to be introduced to the public.


While there are subtle differences between advertising, marketing and promoting they do work together for the same overall goal; to get your product or service noticed among the public. They each serve in their own roles but work together as a whole. The key is to get your service, product or business noticed by the public and the only way to do it is through advertising, promoting and marketing.

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