Simple Steps for Green Computing

Simple Steps for Green Computing
Everywhere you turn these days someone is talking about going green – ways to reduce waste and help improve the environment. Most of you have probably already heard many tips for being more green around your house, care and office – use better cleaning products, drive less or a better car, and recycle – but did you know there are many things you can do with your computer to be more green?

Listed below are some simple steps that you can take when using your computer to make your computer experience better for you and the environment.

Tips for Green Computing:

  • Use the power management feature on the computer. Set the computer to go into a low power mode after it has not been used for an extended period of time. The screensaver is not a green feature – it will not save energy it only helps prevent the screen from developing a “ghost” image over time (an image burned into the screen over time).

  • Turn off computer when not in use. There are new power strips available that will control the power to the computer peripherals with autosensing. You plug all your devices into the power strip and when you shut off the computer the power strip will cut power to the peripherals such as speakers, printers and the monitor.

  • Only turn on your printer when you need to print. When finished printing turn the printer back off. Of course, if you are going to be printing for awhile it is better to keep the printer on until completely finished.

  • Most utility and credit card companies offer paperless statements. Sign-up and receive all statements via email reducing the amount of paper produced to mail statements – not to mention a reduction in the amount of advertising inserts!

  • Pay for bill online instead of writing a check and mailing. It is cheaper – no postage or checks – and much easier!

  • When you pay a bill or shop online do not print paper copies of the payment or purchase receipt. Instead you can install software to create a PDF (portable documents format) file of the receipt (links to software at bottom of article). This receipt can then be filed electronically on your computer. I have a folder on my computer specifically for order and payment receipts – less paper, less waste and less clutter around the house. Don’t forget to back up this folder!

  • If you are purchasing a new machine make sure you recycle your old computer. Not only does this help the environment but in most areas it now the law. Check with your town to see if they provide recycling facilities. If buying a new computer also check with the company you are buying the computer from as some of them will provide trade-in services.

Follow these simple steps to help make you computer more environmentally friendly while reducing your computing and energy costs.

Recommended Products for Green Computing

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