Dream Symbols - Famous People and Celebrities

Dream Symbols - Famous People and Celebrities
Our fascination and adoration of favorite celebrities stems from a desire to emulate their positive qualities or talents. We admire them for their beauty, creative talents, humanitarian deeds and political activism. Frequently, we feel that these people possess or are doing something that we would love to do but don't have the opportunity or confidence.

When a celebrity appears in a dream, they are typically someone we have admired for a long time. For instance, a favorite singer whom we admire for their poetic lyrics and stage presence represents a desire to bring our creativity out into the open. I recently had a dream encounter with singer Alicia Keys during a time that I was struggling with creating an outlet for my creative interests in my life at middle age. In my dream, Alicia led me up a staircase in a crowded house. She didn't sing or play the piano. She was simply leading me to something. While I was amused that she had shown up in my dream, I reflected upon what this celebrity symbolizes to me to determine whether it had meaning.

In addition to her musical talent, Ms. Keys' refusal to market herself in a manner promoting sexuality over talent a la Britney Spears is noteworthy. Confident that she is an incredibly sexy young woman simply sitting at her beloved piano, she has achieved success through the music that flows through her spirit. Although she is exquisitely beautiful, she values her music as her primary gift. Alicia's demeanor states simply, "This is me and this is what I do." I woke from this dream with the confidence in my writing and art that had been lacking in my spirit. It is especially significant that at half my age, Alicia's musical style, heavily influenced by artists like the late Marvin Gaye, brings me back to the music that I grew up with, allowing this very young old soul to speak to mine. The message that I got from this dream was, "Be yourself, use your gift and don't worry about what anyone thinks."

Famous folks in our dreams are telling us to "Go for it" by integrating the positive qualities we admire in them into our own personalities. Reflect upon what this person symbolizes for you. The primary qualities you admire may not necessariy be fame, beauty or money. You may place greater value on psychological aspects such as their drive or even recovery from an addiction or tragedy. Get in touch with these aspects of yourself and work to bring them into focus and manifestation.

If you dream that you are rich and famous, this may symbolize a simple desire to live like a celebrity or a need for attention. You may feel that your goals are just beyond your reach. Take a serious look at whether that belief is realistic and at what you can do to break through your fear.

May all your dreams come true!

Parthena Black is a professional social worker and ordained minister with experience in tarot and runes. For private spiritual counseling and intuitive readings via e-mail, please visit her at oymygoddess.com.

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