The Feng Shui Color Blue

The Feng Shui Color Blue
The Feng Shui color blue represents the Water Element, which is associated with movement and flow, calming and soothing, healing and peace. No matter which shade of blue you choose – from aqua, to blue-green, to deep indigo – adding some blue to your surroundings will help you relax and move forward. In Feng Shui, this color is associated with both the clear blue sky and the gentle refreshing blue water, therefore creating feelings of peace and trust. Light blue is the Feng Shui color of harmony and gentle growth, the deeper shades of blue bring calm and serenity, and navy blue is the color of wisdom and intellect.

The most auspicious location for the Feng Shui color blue is in the lower areas of the Feng Shui bagua or mapping chart, especially in the Career Area where adding blue accents will help attract career success. Try to avoid using the color blue in the Wealth, Future, or Love areas of your home, which occupy the top portion of the bagua, because this Water Element could symbolically douse your fire energy and put a halt to growth in your wealth. Blue is the Feng Shui color associated with career, work, and business opportunities. In your office, add a few deep blue objects or artwork with blue images to the Career/Work area of the space.

Dark blue is the color of adventure and independence, while light blue can activate mental activity and creativity. But remember that adding too much blue to a room could “drown” your energy level, making your motivation plummet. That means instead of painting all four walls in a room in shades of blue, instead add blue accents to a room as artwork, accessories, or decorative objects.

Here are a few interesting Feng Shui uses for the color blue --

• The color blue represents the "yin" side of our personality since it takes things inward, so try adding blue wherever you need to calm down the energy, like in a busy and hectic family room.

• Add something blue inside your home near the front door to invite the flow of wealth and prosperity inside.

• Paint the ceiling in your child’s room a light sky blue, because research shows that children who study under a blue ceiling do better than those under the more typical white ceiling.

• If you want to slow your eating, serve your meals on blue plates because this color reduces appetite, blood pressure, and pulse. The “Blue Plate Special” was created during the Great Depression to get people to slow down and eat less.

• Dark blue heightens intuition and encourages spiritual development, so it is an especially good color to use in the Knowledge/Wisdom area your home and/or your library or home office. Adding blue to these areas will help you concentrate, study, and explore new ideas.

The color blue is soothing, calming, and relaxing. Whenever you need to slow down and rejuvenate, surround yourself with the Feng Shui color blue. Wouldn't we all feel a bit more relaxed if the dentist office was painted blue?

Click here to download a color bagua to use to determine the best areas to use the color blue in your home and office.

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