The Present Moment

The Present Moment
Philosophers through the ages have all spoken of there being no time, and all that exists is this present moment. The present moment is experienced continually, although with each passing second a new moment is present.

Our thoughts are always with us, and depending on how we think, we are either living in the past or projecting a future that does not exist. The past has gone, however, the scars and emotional content of the past is carried forward every day and re-experienced as if it is still happening now.

Thoughts, although intangible, are very powerful and have a strong influence over us. When we stay stuck in our thoughts we bring that experience into the present moment and lose the perfection of the ‘now’. Do you find yourself sitting in a room alone worrying about something that has already happened or pre-empting something that might happen? What was actually happening in that moment?

Mostly there is nothing else happening and being lost in our thoughts gives us purpose, and provides an identity. The present moment may seem boring, and the endless thoughts are a disguise to your fear of being alone in the silence.

The present moment is the only place we can find true peace, and through the silence we become empowered instead of afraid. Interestingly, when we worry about something that is yet to happen, it seems unmanageable and scary. However, when faced with a challenge we have everything we need to deal with it at the time it is happening. We cannot deal with something that is not yet happening.

Bringing our awareness and attention to the present moment frees us from worry, stress, and potentially health problems. When we are keeping our awareness outside of the present moment it is our thoughts that are controlling us and we are allowing them to. The stress, anxiety, depression and health conditions are all exacerbated by not being present to what is happening ‘now’.

The eternal present moment has nothing to do with time, although we experience it as if it does. We frame our memories around past events and hope for a better future. We seem to forget that the future can only be a representation of what is happening now in our thoughts. The future moment is a reflection of our thought processes that are happening now. We can never be happy in the future, we can only be happy now, for now is all that exists.

When we live outside of the present we create a world of uncertainty and fear. When we are fully connected to the present, we are available to the peace that is always there. That is far more preferable to me than living in fear, doubt and worry about something I cannot do anything about.

Acceptance of the present moment seems the sensible way to live, since it is the only moment we can be in control of. Through awareness and peace we can make decisions based on what is happening ‘now’ and not from a place of where our predominant thoughts are.

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