To Be or Not To Be Supermom

To Be or Not To Be Supermom
What does it mean to be supermom? When do you feel like a supermom? Do you have to have a full-time job to qualify as a supermom? Does super mean perfect? Is being supermom something we should strive for or run away from?

In a society where busyness is rewarded, most of us might define a supermom as someone who gets it all done – the housework, the child management, the full-time job. For some of us, the busier we are, the more successful we feel about our roles as mothers.

Does your self-worth diminish or fall away if you are not running from one thing to the next on any given day? Do you feel like an un-supermom if you “do nothing”, even if only for a minute or two?

If we look at Superman (presumably where the title “supermom” originates from), we see a simple someone who is able to step into extraordinary circumstances in order to help others. And he does this all with no real need for recognition. Does that sound like motherhood? Kind of? Not at all?

Is being supermom important to you? What about being a super mom? Is there a difference? I think so.

Think about it. When do you feel like supermom? When you are whizzing through your day, getting it all done, getting more done than is humanly possible? Those are good days! We feel on top of the world. We can’t believe we accomplished everything on our list. We didn’t think it was possible. Wait until we tell our friends – all one thousand of them on Facebook.

Have it all, and do it all. Is this what the women’s movement has evolved to? Is this what we want?

That is the first question you need to ask yourself. Here are some questions to help you figure out who you are, who you want to be, and what is important when defining motherhood for yourSelf.

How do I define being a super mom? What are my mom values? Who are the moms I admire and what is it I admire about them?

How well do I balance the various pieces of my life? Do I pay attention or live life in a swirl? What would it mean to slow down and embrace each piece of my life?

Do I have time for mySelf? Or, am I too busy giving all of my time away because I like to be busy? Does “busy” feed my soul?

Do I do the things I do (extravagant birthday parties, for example) because I enjoy doing them or because I have to keep up with other supermoms?

Do I feel the need to hide parts of who I am because I’m afraid I won’t measure up?

Do you want it all? Do you really need it all? What does that mean in your life, for you? What does having it all really mean? How do I distribute “it all” throughout the minutes of my life?

Do I make time for the important things? What do I believe are the important things?

There is such a fine line between the action of life – the busyness – and the meaning of life – the moments that bring purpose and depth to living. How do you balance the two?

Take time to contemplate. To be intentional. To live a conscious life. You are super mom.

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