Wealth and Prosperity techniques for the New Year

Wealth and Prosperity techniques for the New Year
This is the time of year when, after the indulgencies of the last few months, what many people call “The Pelican Effect” manifests itself. Everywhere you look there’s a massive bill in front of you. Even the latest statement from the bank seems to be to tell you that their telephone number has changed- until you look more closely and realise that’s how much you owe them. ‘Oh well’ you think. “That’s not so bad.” Then you spot that what you thought was a decimal point is actually a comma.

Humour aside this can be a stressful time for many people, Pagans and non-Pagans alike, Yule/Christmas can be a very expensive time of year, especially if it hasn’t been planned for. People frequently spend outside their pecuniary limits as they get caught up in the general excitement of the season and stop planning ahead. This is also time to be aware of the different types of influence from businesses to persuade you to part with more money than you intended.

Of course, the easiest and most effective course of action is to plan your expenditure over this time. However, to paraphrase the old saying; “when you’re up to your waist in alligators it’s hard to remember the original intent was to manage the swamp”. Many people tend to live quite literally from month to month and seem to have little chance to get enough money together to be able to have a safety cushion if anything happens. This is where spellcraft may be useful in providing a little extra income to help you reach that safety cushion.

Money Magnet Spell
Originally this spell was cast with actual silver coins, but these days I have heard of good results using modern silver-coloured coins that are found in the currency of most countries. Purists might feel happier using an actual silver coin, or one with a high silver content. Depending on where you live or what currency you like to use in magick it’s best to check on the internet or with a local numismatist (coin dealer) as to which coins you can use. In the UK pre 1947 ‘silver’ coins contain 50% silver, and those minted before 1920 are over 90% silver. In the US any pre 1964 dollar coin, dime, quarter, or half dollar is made of 90% silver, silver-coloured change dated 1965 or later are all copper-nickel clad coins. One further technique I have heard of is to use a silver disk from a local jewellery supply house and turn it into a wealth talisman by engraving, drawing in permanent marker, or even just scratching, a design appropriate to wealth attraction on it.

Having obtained your coin wash it in a basin of water to which a little salt has been added, and dry it. Take a green candle and inscribe on it ‘MMM’ (see the links below for more information on candle preparation). Hold the inscribed candle between your hands to cleanse and empower it. As you are empowering it state “This spell will bring me money from this day forth”. Now light the candle and, once the flame has burnt for a minute or two, angle the candle so that the pool of wax created by the flame can be dripped on to the coin. Quickly put the candle on top of this and the coin so that the candle is stuck to the coin by the cooling wax. This will make the candle itself very unstable make sure you stay with it until it has burnt out.

Having stuck the candle to the coin, and made sure it is safely balanced, cup your hands either side of the candle and say “By the power of Fire, this empowered candle, and the green of prosperity, this coin (or talisman) is made a magnet of wealth and affluence. It attracts these in all positive forms with the pull of the poles, so mote it be”

Keep the empowered coin somewhere safe, and don’t spend it. Many people either keep it on them in a sewn up green, or green and orange, Placket made of two squares of organic material usually felt or cotton, sewn together with the coin in the centre. Although I know of at least one Mage who keeps their coin in the coin compartment of their wallet wrapped in Clingfilm (Seran Wrap) to distinguish and protect it from the rest of their loose change.

Sometimes this spell starts working within a day or two, but most of the time it takes a fortnight (two weeks) on average before the effects begin. The main thing is not just to sit back and wait for the money to roll in, but be proactive in checking over your finances making sure that there are no excess expenses or overlooked outgoings that are a drain on your pocket without you realising it. Outgoings have a way of sneaking up to match income unless you are vigilant, and the aim is to build up a fund as a safety cushion rather than to spend. By keeping your outgoings down you can start to gain control over your finances and be able to manage them, rather than them managing you. As you bring this aspect of your life under control you can begin to notice chances to improve other areas of your life with the security of savings behind you.

Another way of harvesting money from your current income is to use a change jar. This is a container- not necessarily a jar- placed either at the front door, or in the bedroom. At the end of the day empty the loose change out your pockets and wallet/purse and separate all the low denomination coins from the higher. Keep the latter, and place the rest in the container. It’s surprising just how quickly the money mounts up. Every so often empty out the coins and bank them or change them up for larger denominations. If you don’t put them in a bank, credit union, or other financial institution you might like to store them safely as outlined in the article on caching. Variations on this technique include placing a loadstone- a natural magnet- or an actual magnet in the container or partly filling the container with water.

In the latter case the water attracts money and is a technique I have seen used in Mexican houses to great effect. There’s something very attractive about the sound of the coins dropping into the water that entices more money to be added, and at some parties I was at I saw the bowl emptied several times with the amount of money that people put in of their own volition. Nobody was asked to put any money in the bowl, they just followed their impulse to do so. Magickal theory suggests that the connection between water and money is cultural and dates back to the Celts and their tradition of offerings to aspects of Divinity for success and personal power.

In the next article we will look at more wealth spells and techniques to aid in wealth generation to help you improve your financial standing.

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