De Clutter Your Closet

De Clutter Your Closet
I have a stuffed closet. It's full of tops and dresses and pants and jeans and sweaters. I top everything off with accessories ranging from scarves and vests to purses,hats, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Then there is my collection of shoes. Because I live in Seattle, I have a huge collection of boots. As the weather dictates that my feet need to be covered nine months out of the year, I wear a lot of boots.

I also own a lot of sandals. Actually my sandal and peep-toe pump collection exceeds my collection of boots. I only have three months out of the year where my feet are comfortable wearing shoes that don't encase my entire foot in a covering of some kind.

Like I said, my closed is stuffed. So when it comes to purging it, I've worked hard at perfecting this rather elusive art.

First I tackle winter versus summer. Depending which season one is in currently, move all of those items to the more prominent area of your closet and relegate the next season to the back.
Once this is done, start your purge. You will want to have two bags set aside; a giveaway bag and one that's just a maybe. Purging can be tough but it's OK to ease yourself into the idea of getting used to living without seeing certain items - even if you haven't worn it in years.

It's well-known that many people only wear 10-20% of the clothing they own. The other 80% is taking up space because they were either a great deal (think clearance rack) or they have some sort of sentimental value.

Ask yourself what works and why did you buy it in the first place. Did you purchase this because it was on sale? Would you have paid full price for it? If you've worn it over four times in the last 12 months then the item has earned the right to remain. If you haven't worn it more than two times in the past two years, odds are you have something better in your closet or drawers to wear instead.

Purge items just to get them out of your sight. This what how the Maybe bag will serve you well. Pull items you haven't worn in ages and place them in the Maybe bag. You aren't committing to getting rid of them. You are, however, promising yourself to consider how much you want them to be in your closet. Give yourself six months and ask yourself: Have you missed them? Do you wonder where they are? Is there an item you could have used and just forgot you had them?

Second ask yourself what flatters for each of the remaining seasons. The same applies with respect to have you worn it lately. is it taking up space? Are you keeping it for sentimental reasons? Work your way though the rest of the closet, tossing stuff in either the give away bag or the maybe bag. You don't have to purge a lot, it's a great start to de-clutter stuff that taking up unnecessary space.

Now that you've gone through what's on the hangers, the shelves and the floor, ask yourself what does work in your closet. What are the items that you can go to on a regular basis? What does double duty where you can wear it at work and for a night out. Of the other items, is it worn? Are there pills on the sweater? Are buttons missing? If you don't plan to fix these things then it's time to let them go.
De-clutter and purging isn't easy. It is, however a great way to free up space - not just in your closet but also time and effort.

Best of luck.

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