Paper Clay Easter Bunny in Basket

Paper Clay Easter Bunny in Basket
paper clay Easter bunny and basketHappy Easter! How about sculpting some paper clay bunnies to make your celebration more fun? They make cute souvenirs for egg hunts and parties. This project was inspired by bread rolls shaped like bunnies, but instead of shaping the ears by cutting the clay with scissors, which may or may not work well depending on the texture of the paper clay used, we’ll simply pinch the ears into shape. Let’s begin!

You will need:

For the bunny:

* Paper clay
* Acrylic paints: White and pink
* Paint brush
* Black or brown fine-tipped marker
* Fine grain sandpaper

For the basket:

* Craft corrugated cardboard
* Pencil
* Straight-edge scissors
* Decorative scissors
* Contact glue like Duco cement, or a hot glue gun
* Paper flowers, store bought or handmade
* Green paper

To make the bunny:

Take some paper clay around the size of a table tennis ball, knead it and form into an egg shape. Lay it along its length on your work surface and lightly flatten the bottom so it doesn’t roll around. About one-fourth from the smaller end, pinch two ridges on the top to form the ears, rounding off the tips. Let the dry completely, following the manufacturer’s instructions. (Note: While waiting for the bunny to dry, you can start working on the basket).

paper clay Easter bunny

Use fine-grained sandpaper to smoothen out any rough spots, then wipe off any dust with a paper towel. Paint the bunny with white acrylic paint and let dry. With pink acrylic paint, paint the inside of the ears and the nose. Let dry completely, then draw the eyes with a fine-tipped marker.

To make the basket:

paper clay Easter bunny
On a piece of corrugated cardboard, draw and cut an oval that’s big enough to hold the bunny. This will be the base of the basket. Cut a strip of corrugated cardboard around ¾ inch wide and long enough to go around the oval with a bit of overlap. Cut along one of the long edges with decorative scissors, and glue the straight edge around the base of the basket using contact glue or a hot glue gun. Take a strip of green paper 2 inches wide and long enough to go around the perimeter of the basket. Cut a fringe along one edge, and glue this around the inside of the basket to form grass. Trim the top of the fringe with decorative scissors, then curl down the fringe outwards. Cut another strip of corrugated card about ¼ inch wide and about three times the width of the oval. Glue the ends to the sides of the basket to form a handle. Take some paper flowers and glue them to the sides of the basket. Fill the basket with shredded paper, then lay the bunny inside the basket. Have a wonderful Easter!

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