Workplace Magick- Protection Techniques

Workplace Magick- Protection Techniques
At one time the use of magick in the workplace, particularly in Northern Europe and the USA was relatively rare. But, with the rise of interest in magick, and particularly practical magick, more people are aware of its potential for smoothing their way in life in this area. Most people just want to get on with their jobs, work hard, and seek advancement in their area of endeavour, but a growing number appear to believe that magick rather than skill at the job is the way forward. Most of the time this is not really a problem as the focus, intent, and techniques of spellcasting take practice. However, just as there are prodigies in the fields of science and the arts, the same is true of magick, meaning that some people can make spells work at an instinctive level. Not many it’s true, but enough for you to run into one or two during your work lifetime. Fortunately most of them seem to rely more on their innate abilities and tend to practice and study less than someone who has to work at developing this part of their skillset. By learning how to deflect, diffuse, or rebound any spells sent your way you can stop them taking unfair advantage.

One of the major problems in working life today is the rise of the ‘Toxic Workplace’ with high stress levels, enhanced by poor personal and company communication. These and a host of other problems are frequently compounded by the fact that psychopaths are found in far higher numbers in workplace management than the general population*. In these situations protective magick can help keep you out of trouble especially when combined with knowing some of the basic signs of psychopathic behaviour. The art is to distinguish between incompetence, people trying to do something they are not trained for, and various other forms of behaviour distinct from active psychopathy. Some of the signs that someone might be a psychopath are:

• They have persuasiveness and seeming charm
• Lack of empathy
• Being a “control freak”
• Manipulative behaviour
• Outright lying with just enough truth included that it’s hard to prove the lie
• Refusal to take responsibility for negative results of their actions.
• A need for things always to be happening even to the point of ‘picking fights’ and ‘edgy’ behaviour.
• Poor impulse control

A quick computer search will reveal many more possible indicators, but the bottom line is what can you do about it? Most of the time very little directly, as they don’t see their actions as a problem but more of an asset - especially in the corporate world where many of the characteristics mentioned are the reason they are in a position of power in the first place. Sometimes keeping a record of all their actions can be useful evidence if they come under investigation, but frequently magick is the only available response other than changing workplaces which can be very difficult in today’s economy.

Of course, you could always encourage them to move with a spell such as the hotfoot powder spell

Ingredients in equal quantities:

o Whole black pepper
o Cayenne Pepper
o Sea salt
o Sulphur

Grind each ingredient separately in a wood or stone mortar and then blend equal amounts of each of the ingredients together. Ideally you should use pure sulphur if you can, either from a garden centre (it’s used for sterilising greenhouses in the spring) plant nursery, or other reliable source. Remember to keep it safely away from children and pets, and wash your hands after handling it as although it is considered only mildly toxic, it’s still toxic per se especially if it is burnt so take precautions. I have seen people gently scrape the heads off ‘strike anywhere’ matches when they couldn’t get pure sulphur as they contain sesquisulfide which seems to work almost as well.

The downside to this source of sulphur is the instability of the match head which is extremely susceptible to pressure and friction. The creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ,once managed to set himself on fire when he was playing cricket because a ball struck him on the outside of his thigh and ignited a box of matches he kept in his pocket! So avoid this technique unless there really is no other way and definitely stick to the blending the ingredients in equal amounts without any grinding.


Discretely sprinkle this powder around the area where the person you want to leave works, remembering that this is a particularly potent spell and that you don’t have to leave any visible trace for it to work. If this is difficult or impossible turn it into a banishing oil by adding the blend to castor oil, shaking it to empower the ingredients, and anointing a picture of the person you want gone then concealing it in or near the workplace.

For magick users who prefer a more passive form of defence, small mirrors and reflective surfaces can be highly effective at repelling the ‘Evil Eye’ and other forms of malefic spellcraft . The simplest form of this technique is to wear a small mirror on a chain or cord under your clothing. The energies that make up the ‘Evil Eye” and most types of mental magick can be reflected either away from the target, or in some cases back at them.

The mirror doesn’t have to be visible, or even a mirror, to be effective. Well-polished metal or glass ornaments can work as well. This is the basis behind the bright horse brasses used by Gypsies to protect their horses from this influence. Another technique is to conceal mirrors behind the material making up your work area, making sure they face in the direction of the perceived threat. A variation on this technique, popular in Mexico, is to place a photograph of yourself behind a mirror and then empower the mirror to reflect any negative intentions. This is done by washing the mirror with cooled mandrake or thyme decoction, preferably at the new moon, and empowering it with a chant along the lines of

“Mirror mirror work for me
Repel all negativity
Around, about, within, without,
The good stays in, the bad stays out.”

Keep the mirror on your work area with the mirror facing the direction of the negative person if you can. If this is not possible it is claimed that placing the empowered mirror placed on a windowsill that faces the direction of your workplace is just as effective. Repeat the washing of the mirror with the decoction, and the chant, every new moon until the negative person’s power is neutralised.

*Corporate psychopathy: Talking the walk. by Babiak PI, Neumann CS, Hare RD.

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