Back to School Shopping for Supplies

Back to School Shopping for Supplies
In anticipation of what’s around the corner, many parents find themselves at the store or online, checking off the dreaded school supply list. While this can be a daunting task for most – it doesn’t have to be. With a few techniques and incorporating some basics, your child will be set for the classroom and the homework desk in no time.

Procuring the right school supplies does not have to be the headache it is reputed to be. Further, your wallet does not have to take the hit retailers would have you believe. Armed with a few proven strategies, school supplies, whether it's three-ring binders or bistro lunch boxes, can be acquired and paid for with very little effort and output.

First get the list and go over it. Have your child dig out everything from last year (and the year before). Countless times families will spend way too much on school supplies that their child already has. Are you aware of just how many pens, pencils and erasers are sprawling around your home? And what about those boxes of crayons? Aside from the red one, chances are most are still pointy, with their paper shell intact. You may be as surprised as I was that those composition books really only have the first five or ten pages filled. Typically more than three quarters of them are never even used. And unused means you can send it off to school again this year.

The end of summer presents the perfect time to go through your child's backpack, art area and bedroom. While you are investigating what is under your child's bed and stashed in the closet - or better yet, while THEY are investigating - have them put all school/art related items in a box. You'll most likely be blown away at the recovered protractors and colored pencils scattered in and around your child's play area.

After the treasure hunt, what's left? How about paper, folders and three ring binders. Turns out many banks and small companies are always ready to give away swag like this. Know anyone who works for one?

Now, armed with a stunted list, you are ready to shop. School supplies don't have to make a statements. They don't have to be pristine and new. Most kids like familiar pieces and quite often teachers pool many supplies together so that the kids can all go to one specific area or station of a classroom at once. School supplies need to be functional, purposeful and of good quality. Go for something that will last. Now your kids are set for school.

Any questions? Class dismissed.

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