Why Style and Etiquette is Right for You

Why Style and Etiquette is Right for You
True etiquette can be defined in a variety of ways. Three definitions are here:

Via Google: The customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.
Via Webster: the rules indicating the proper and polite way to behave
Vocabulary.com states: If you practice proper etiquette, you are less likely to offend or annoy people — and you may even charm them.

This site serves to combine proper etiquette with personal style. The idea is to assist readers by putting them at ease when in situations which may be new to them or where they might feel uncomfortable. When an unfamiliar occasion arises, this style and etiquette site serves as an answer to tons and tons of questions.

Examples from this site, where you can peruse a topic you may not be familiar with include

Semi-formal attire
Semi Casual
Quality time at Dinner time
Cancelling an appointment

Many articles on this style and etiquette site assist readers with questions they may have concerning family and children. A few of these articles include:
Teaching Children Manners
Children's Party Etiquette
Why Manners Are Fun

More than just how to set a table and attend a party, style and etiquette truly surrounds everyday life. Examples include
Line Etiquette
Graduation Attire
Arriving Late
Driving Etiquette (in city and freeway)

Finally this site tries to not take itself too seriously. There are many things one may witness in life that are really quite hilarious. These articles address funny instances like:

The Rotten Host
Wearing Pajamas in Public

Etiquette isn't meant to be stuffy. Nor does it allow anyone to be a snob with the pretense of "following etiquette protocol." The opposite is actually true. Etiquette style reflects a happy soul, a graceful and considerate well-being for everyone else, before oneself.

As Helen Keller once said:
"Happiness cannot be found without. It must be found within. It is not what people do for us which make us happy. It is what we think and feel and do first for the other person and then for ourselves."

Etiquette is the epitomy of happiness. It's putting someone else at ease by doing what is expected of you. As an etiquette writer and teacher, who assists in making uncomfortable situations more comfortable, I hope you will refer to my site again and again when life's questions arise. To read any of the suggested articles above - or check out a topic of your own, simply type in your subject in the search box in the top corner of this article.

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A few more style and etiquette titles you are sure to enjoy:

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