Be Good To Yourself

Be Good To Yourself
1. Discover an attitude of gratitude.
This is an etiquette essential. Don't skimp on saying, "Thanks." Look for the good in every situation. Being thankful causes you to smile. When you smile other do as well.

2. Sleep more and better.
Drink less alcohol in the evening. Eat dinner earlier. Much like exercise, the more sleep you get, the better you get at achieving a peaceful and productive night's sleep. It's all about quality.

3. Make your first meal of the day breakfast.
After a good night's sleep, include breakfast in your morning routine. While coffee will clear the morning fog, it won't help your mood, metabolism or focus like a healthy breakfast will. Coffee can certainly be included with breakfast. Just make sure there's more on the menu.

4. Master your optimism.
Much like showing gratitude toward others, discover the silver linings as you go about your day. Pessimism leads to heavy hearts and the downward spiral goes from there. Perk yourself up by looking for the good.

5. Add some spice to your life.
Much like breakfast, herbs and spices can reduce inflammation, provide anti-oxidants and help you feel your best. Wasabi, the green paste that gives your soy sauce a kick, fights against bacterial infections and even reduces the effects of seasonal allergies.

6. Laugh (a lot).
It is the best medicine. Giggles improve mood and gives your body a positive lift. Your eyes are suddenly brighter and posture improves just from laughing.

7. Fast - not just food.
Opt to go on a screen fast. It will help you sleep better and stay focused on the here and now as well. In my previous articles, Spring Clean Your Insides, Spring Clean Your Being, and Spring Clean Your Social Media, I discussed the many benefits of fasting, viewing less screens, staying away from toxic people and the watching out for bad news media headlines.

8. Reel in the rants.
If you are prone to anger - you're doing nothing for yourself or those around you. If you can't talk about it calmly and rationally, table it for when you can. If you don't think you can talk calmly ever, and believe you are ready to explode, seek counseling.

9. Consider your consumption.
Whether it be alcohol or food, work and even exercise, many things in excess can be too much. Be aware of your surroundings. If you are going to order beer and hot wings when you watch a game, start and end with a big glass of water. The extra hydration won't hurt you. It may, keep you from ordering another calorie-laden, alcohol-induced round.

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