Review - Snapshots of Heaven

Review - Snapshots of Heaven
Everything will be perfect. Everything will be beautiful. This sounds like a child’s dream, doesn’t it? It’s excessively optimistic—Pollyannaish. We who have lived on this earth for any length of time know that the world is not perfect or beautiful. It definitely isn’t the stuff dreams are made of.

    Snapshots of Heaven by Joyce Vollmer Brown records heavenly thoughts on every page.
  • In heaven we’ll be reunited with relatives who have died and we’ll meet generations of family who died before we were born.
  • We’ll get to know the angels who sang to the shepherds on that first Christmas.
  • In heaven there won’t be any locks on doors or any security alarms.
  • There won’t be any bills in the mailbox! There won’t be any commercials or phone solicitors. Everything is free in heaven.
  • In heaven no one will be self-centered or egotistical. Everyone’s focus will be on the glory, power and love of God.
  • We won’t say, “I wish” because we’ll be completely contented.
  • We won’t say, “If only” because we won’t have any regrets.

The thing is, this isn’t a book full of frivolous dreams. It is a book full of the truth of eternity for every child of God. Biblical truth. Every comforting and encouraging statement on every page of this book is Biblically sound. Each page contains a reminder of the glory to come. God created the perfect garden for Adam and Eve. We were banned from it because of sin. Even the ground was cursed, but God had a plan to rid the world of sin and return his children to the life he intended.
Revelation 21:27 tells us nothing impure or deceitful will ever enter the city of God.

Revelation 7:17 and Isaiah 25.8 promise springs of living water and that God will personally wipe away every tear.

Revelation 22:2-3 tells of the tree of life on each side of the river flowing from the throne, yielding twelve crops of fruit a year. There will no longer be a curse.

It is a short book and you may be tempted to read Snapshots of Heaven in one sitting. I advise against it. Read one or two pages at a time, giving yourself time to meditate on the truth contained in them.

Even if you are familiar with the Bible and are confident of eternal life, reading a page or two of Snapshots of Heaven before bedtime will bring sweet dreams. Reading it in the morning will start your day off right—praising God.

I purchased Snapshots of Heaven with my own money and was not paid or asked for a positive review.

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