How To Watch Me Fail Responsibly

How To Watch Me Fail Responsibly
Are you a good parent – then let your daughter fail. Does this sound crazy or even better have I been gone from my parenting duties too long. I got it, I think it’s time we stop depriving our kids the ability to fail. You know the opportunity to realize their limits and learn from their mistakes. Let’s embrace a new age - one where we let them stumble, trip and fail then watch. With your patience and assistance she will ultimately, soar.

As a parent we can all get so caught up in helping our kids succeed, that we would be to afraid to let them fail. Even though error and experimentation are the true leaders of success! If your daughter has never failed because you’ve always buffed her falls, you’ve got a problem. All of the important problem solving skills you need for academics, jobs and relationships isn’t being developed. We learn lessons through mistakes and continue to do so as adults. So why are we so afraid to let our kids fail? Because if we let our kids fail it says that we have failed as a parent. That we are indeed a failure our self! So how do you let your child fail to succeed? Take a look at tips that your daughter can use to learn through failure.

Let her learn through disappointment. She will learn how to cope and except disappointment as well as developing the skills necessary to succeed in life. Another great tip that will allow your daughter to fail is that through experience and especially bad experiences she will learn consequences. The last tip to ensure that your daughter will fail and learn is to allow her to make mistakes. If mistakes are made they allow us to change things or do them better.

1. Step back
2. Calm down and relax
3. Hand responsibility back to your child
4. Allow time for setbacks
5. List several coping skills on paper so that they can use when needed
6. Ask your child what part they played in their failure and how would they do it differently next time and what did they learn from it
7. Be ready to talk when the time is necessary to help with coping

Part of loving your daughter responsibly means that you need to let her feel discomfort, and even fail, as long as she’s learning how to be accountable for her actions in the process. Failure is a major part of all of our lives and we all have to learn how to fall so that we can succeed in life. So the big question today is - have you allowed your daughter to fail today? Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders so why not let them fail? They will ultimately soar with your patience and assistance!

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