How to Edit the Motion Path Behavior in Motion

How to Edit the Motion Path Behavior in Motion
In this MotionR tutorial, we will add the Motion Path behavior to the bride and groom top hats for our Save the Date video project in Motion. We will also learn how to edit the motion path from the default straight line to a curved path.

We are starting this part of the project with the imported .psd file, containing the graphics for the project. The background layer won't be animated. So let's work on the top hats. As mentioned in the last tutorial, we will be using the built-in Motion Path behavior to animate the top hats.

  1. With the Playhead at the beginning of the Timeline, move the bride's top hat outside the screen to the top left and the groom's top hat to the outside right edge.

  2. Move the Playhead to :10 seconds on the Timeline. Select the bride's top hat and click Mark - Mark In from the top menu. This will remove the top hat from the first few frames of the Timeline.

  3. With the hat still selected, go to Library - Behaviors - Basic Motion - Motion Path. Click Apply to add the behavior to the hat object.

    You will see a new red path applied to the hat. We need to change the angle of the path and add a curve.

  4. Click the red point on the open end of the path and drag it to the center of the screen. This will be the ending position of the Motion Path.

    Now we can add the curve to the path.

  5. Double-click on the red path line at about the center of the path. This will add a new anchor point to the path. Click and drag the new anchor point to create the curved path. Use the handles to smooth the curve.

  6. Now we can shorten the Motion Path by dragging the right end of the purple Behavior Bar to 2:00 seconds on the Timeline.

  7. Select the groom's top hat and move the Playhead to 1:00 on the Timeline. Click Mark - Mark In from the top menu and add a Motion Path behavior.

  8. Move the open end point of the path to the center of the screen, curve the path and shorten the path to 2:15 on the Timeline.

    Run the animation. Let's add some easing to the Motion Path.

  9. Select the Motion Path for the bride's top hat. Go to Inspector - Behaviors and change the Speed property from the default Constant to Decelerate. This will cause the top hat to slow just before it stops.

  10. Repeat the previous step for the groom's top hat.


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