Using Text Sequence Behaviors in Motion

Using Text Sequence Behaviors in Motion
In this MotionR tutorial, we will add the animated title text for our Save The Date video project. This will complete the first screen or scene of our project.

At this point, we have added the Motion Path behavior to our two top hats that moves them on to the screen. As our color scheme is black, white and silver, let's add a golden color to the title text.

As you can see, there is a swag of small Bokeh dots at the top of the screen. We want to use the movement of the swag to draw the viewers eyes to the text. So, let's place the text centered above the drooping curve of the swag. The main text "It's a Wedding" will begin fading in at the beginning of the Timeline and end at 1:00 seconds.

  1. Add a new Group layer at the top of the Layers pane and name it "text".

  2. With the Playhead at the beginning of the Timeline, select the Text tool and add the text "It's a Wedding".

  3. Select the text and go to Inspector - Text - Format - Basic Formatting. Set the Font, Size, Alignment and Tracking properties. In the sample project, I've used the Chocolate Box Decorative font, which is free from

  4. Click the Appearance tab. Set the Face Fill color to #d6bb78 and the Outline color to #af9555. Set the Width of the Outline stroke to 3.

    Repeat the previous steps to add the "Save The Date" text centered under the top hats. Format the text to a slightly smaller size.

    Now that we have the text on the screen, we can add the Text Sequence behavior.

  5. With the Playhead at the beginning of the Timeline, select the It's A Wedding text. Go to Library - Behaviors - Text Sequence - Fade Characters Center In. Click Apply to add the behavior to the text object. This behavior will fade in the text beginning with the center letters and moving outward.

    By default, the behavior spans over 2 seconds. Let's cut that in half.

  6. Move the right edge (Out Point) of the purple Behavior Bar to 1:00 on the Timeline.

    We want the Save The Date text to start fading in after the top hats are in place. So let's begin the behavior at 2:15 to end at 3:15 on the Timeline.

  7. Select the Save The Date text and move the Playhead to 2:15 on the Timeline. Click Mark - Mark In.

  8. Apply the Fade Characters Center In behavior to the text and shorten the Behavior Bar to 3:15 on the Timeline.

Save your work, as that completes the first scene of the project. Next, we will add the transition to the next scene.


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