Overlay Transition in Motion

Overlay Transition in Motion
In this MotionR tutorial, we will work on the transition between scenes for out Save The Date project. The purpose of this transition is to fade out the title text and other design elements for scene one, leaving the screen empty for the next scene.

Of course, we could just fade out the title text but let's add a very popular transition element. We will create a slanted semi-transparent overlay that will pass over the screen from right to left as the title text disappears and the first design element, a golden top hat icon, appears on screen two.

In the last tutorial, the last text is fully visible on the screen at 3:15 on the Timeline. Let's leave a little space on the Timeline before we start our semi-transparent overlay animation beginning at 4:00 on the Timeline. Our first step is to draw the overlay, which will look like an elegant tulle ribbon.

  1. In the Layers pane, add a new group named "shapes".

  2. With the Playhead at 4:00, use the Rectangle tool to add a rectangle about a third the width and a little more than the height of the screen.

  3. In the Inspector - Shape - Style, check the box to add a Fill to the rectangle.

  4. Keep the default white Fill Color but reduce the Fill Opacity to 60%.

  5. Let's also keep the default white Outline stroke but increase the Width to 15.

    Because we have the top and bottom edges of the rectangle beyond the height of the screen, the viewer will only see the outline stroke on the left and right edges. Let's add one more detail by slanting the rectangle.

  6. With the rectangle selected, switch to the Distort tool. Drag the right bottom anchor point to the right to slant the right edge. Next, drag the upper left anchor point to the left to slant the other edge.

  7. Now, drag the rectangle to the right and just outside of the screen.

    We want the overlay to move across the screen from 4:00 to 5:15 on the Timeline.

  8. With the Playhead still at 4:00, go to Inspector - Properties - Position. Add a keyframe by clicking the icon on the right.

  9. Move the Playhead to 5:15 and drag the rectangle to the left until it is just outside the screen. This should add a second keyframe.

    Now we need to remove the title text over the same second on the Timeline. Let's use the reverse of the Fade Characters Center In behavior.

  10. With the Playhead at 4:00, select the It's A Wedding title text. Go to Library - Behaviors - Text Sequence - Text Basic - Fade Characters Center Out.

    You will see a new Behavior Bar added above the first bar for the text. Drag the Behavior Bar so the that left edge begins at 4:00.

  11. Drag the right edge of the Behavior Bar to 5:15 on the Timeline.

    Repeat for the Save The Date text.

    Finally, we need to fade out the two top hats.

  12. With the Playhead back at 4:00, select the bride's top hat.

  13. Go to Inspector - Properties - Opacity. Click the icon to add a keyframe at 4:00 for the Opacity property.

  14. Move the Playhead to 5:15 and reduct the Opacity to 0%.

    Repeat this for the groom's top hat.

Save your work. In the next tutorial, we will work on the animation for the second screen.


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