Using Digital Stamps & Digital Markers in Rebelle

Using Digital Stamps & Digital Markers in Rebelle
In this project, we will create the card front for a cute pumpkin greeting card or invitation. Many crafters like to color stamps with Copic markers. So let's use Rebelle's Marker and Blend tools which work very much like their non-digital counterparts. We will use a free .png digital stamp (see link below to download the zip).

After you download and upzip the free digi stamp, we will import the .png file in to the Rebelle Stencils panel and "stamp" the image on to the canvas.

  1. Download and unzip the free digital stamp file.

  2. Let's start a new project in Rebelle that is 5.5 inches high, 4.25 inches wide and 300 dpi. As we will be painting/coloring with markers, we will set the canvas texture to Machine Paper and the canvas color to white.

    Our next step is to import the digital stamp .png file in to the Stencils panel.

  3. From the Stencils panel menu, choose Create Stencil from Image File (see screenshot). Choose the .png stamp file that you just downloaded and click OK. You will see the new stamp thumbnail at the top of the list.

  4. Click on the stamp thumbnail to add the stamp to the canvas.

  5. Using the attached menu, scale and position the stamp on the card front (see screenshot).

  6. Rename the default Layer 1 to "stamp" (see screenshot).

    Let's color the stamp with the Marker tool.

  7. Select the Marker tool and set the Size 40, Pressure 100 and the Shape to Bullet (see screenshot).

  8. In the Color panel, set the color to black (see screenshot).

  9. Now, paint the line art for the pumpkin (see screenshot).

  10. Change the color to a light green such as #00B72D (see screenshot) and paint the grass and vines (see screenshot).

    TIP: If you don't like to paint with the stamp overlay, you can hide the overlay and the stamp will work the same as before. First, to make the stamp work while hidden, click Keep Stencils Active When Hidden from the panel menu (see screenshot). To hide the stamp overlay, click the Eye icon at the bottom of the Stencils panel. To see the overlay again, click the icon again.

    Let's add some shading to the line art.

  11. Change the color to a darker green #007F2D and paint the bottom edge of the grass. Also, add a little dark green on the end of the vines that are next to the pumpkin (see screenshot).

    Let's soften the light and dark green edges with the Blend tool.

  12. Select the Blend tool and set the Size to 20, the Pressure to 30 and the Shape to Soft (see screenshot). Soften the line between the two green colors.

  13. Save your project in the Rebelle .reb file format.

    If you haven't already, take a peak at the stamp line art. Click the Eye icon at the bottom of the Stencils panel to make the stamp overlay invisible. Great, if you like your results, click the Eye icon to turn on the overlay again. In the next tutorial, we will remove the stamp/stencil overlay, leaving the stamp line art on the layer. Then we will be ready to color the stamp.



Screenshots used by permission of Escape Motions, s.r.o.

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