Noorjahan's Rubies - Muskaan

Noorjahan's Rubies - Muskaan
Muskaan shares her pattern "Noorjahan's Rubies Ring" with us. Muskaan designed these earrings and ring pattern especially for the 2017 Palmetto Tat Days

Noorjahan's Rubies Ring
Muskaan's Noorjahan's Rubies Ring step 1 2017 PTG

Muskaan's Noorjahan's Rubies Ring step 1 2017 PTG

On this part there is a line of opposing rings. The upper rings are cupping over the top of the gem while the lower rings fold under the bottom of the gem at the chain line. Two less rings make this a snug fit.

Muskaan's Noorjahan's Rubies Ring step 1 2017 PTG

Muskaan's Noorjahan's Rubies Ring step 1 2017 PTG

These following chains are worked clockwise from the front side. The chains of the second row attach to both the upper and lower rings with a Catherine Wheel join to enhance the smooth curve of the work. The second row of chains have the bead at the mid point. Note there is a picot needed between the two half stitches of the join.

Muskaan's Noorjahan's Rubies Ring step 1 2017 PTG

Muskaan's Noorjahan's Rubies Ring step 1 2017 PTG

The third chain joins to the picot noted above and curves gracefully over the beaded chain.

Please review the Catherine Wheel Join which is used when joining to a picot which is below line of the chain or when an unbroken chain curve is wanted without the dip which appears in a shuttle lock join. It is made around the core thread from shuttle, i.e., it "captures" the core thread but does not impede it, so, this thread is still able to slide when completed:

Noorjahan's Rubies Earrings
Muskaan's Noorjahan's Rubies Earring in black 2017 PTG

Prepare the shuttle by winding continuous thread method without cutting the thread. Needle tatters thread needle as usual.
Muskaan's diagram for winding shuttles countinuous thread method

Muskaan's Noorjahan's Rubies Ring earring in blue 2017 PTG

Muskaan's Noorjahan's Rubies Ring earring diagram 2017 PTG

The pattern begins with the small ring attached to the earring finding. The work then rotates clockwise and the floating bead is inserted into place. The seven seed beads are moved into the ring as it is wrapped.

Use the alligator join to capture the threads the threads between ring 1 and 2. The chain row surrounding ring 2 will also make the join to the pendant taking the joining thread through both bead and cap finding.

Muskaan's Noorjahan's Rubies Earring floating bead diagram 2017 PTG

Floating bead (FB) method.
Pull loop from the shuttle through the bead, fold loop around the base positioning the bead horizontally, tension. Make an overhand or half hitch knot encapsulating the bead.

Ring 2 segment pattern is R 2ds, 1st half stitch, move in bead, 2nd half stitch, 2 ds.

The pendant and cap may be tatted as you do the chain using the FB method. Or you can unroll the chain thread shuttle and thread the pendant from that end and move into position.

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